Introducing the Crush Turtle Ring

Article by MiaDonna

For those who just can’t seem to find the perfect ring, we frequently help others design their own custom engagement ring. Our team of skilled artisans turn visions into reality by combining beauty, talent and advanced technology.


Recently, we had a customer design a ring that represented her home in Hawaii and love for turtles. She wanted an eco-friendly ring set with a lab-created diamond center stone. The end result was stunning.


We loved this ring style so much, we decided to make it an addition to our full collection! Now, you can customize your very own turtle engagement ring. Customize it by selecting your center stone, metal type and color, ring size, and you're on your way to having the perfect Crush Turtle Ring.

The Ring Design Process


See below for the custom ring design process that brought this turtle ring vision to life. The concept for the ring's design was finalized and then rendered in CAD. Afterwards, it was crafted to exact specifications.


CAD Images

CAD images for custom sea turtle ring

Finished Turtle Ring

Finalized sea turtle engagement ring shown front side and back

Display your turtle love proudly with the Crush Turtle Ring. Featuring an Oval Cut "shell" and hand carved turtle features, this ring is perfect as an engagement ring, anniversary, special occasion gift, or just because!


As a bonus, the low profile design and smooth band is great for active lifestyles.