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Featured Couple - Meet Travis and Dominique

Featured Couple - Meet Travis and Dominique

Featured Couple - Meet Travis and Dominique

Meet Travis and Dominique, our September featured (and newly engaged) couple!

The adorable pair have been together for almost 3 years and met nearly 5 years ago when Travis began working at the church Dominique was attending. They both are from South Orange County, California and are still living there today, loving the beaches, sunshine and their favorite outdoor spots to visit together!

September Featured couple

The day of the proposal was a fun one, according to Travis. They spent it together, enjoying activities – going to a park, a petting zoo, a cute coffee shop, and Dominique's favorite outdoor home and garden store.

"It was a hot sunny day and we spent so much time outside, just enjoying each others' presence."

Towards the end of the day, the two went down to a little beach not far from Travis' house. This spot is so special to both of them, but especially Dominique because it's where she first told Travis how she felt about him almost 3 years ago. Travis laid out a blanket, the sun was just setting, and he gave Dominique a photo book. Over the course of their relationship together, Travis has given her lots of these books, full of memories and experiences that they can look back on together for decades and generations to come. On the last page of this book, there was an empty page that said "paste photo here" with a caption saying, "to the time I got down on one knee to ask you something." Dominique looked up from the book and Travis was down on one knee with the engagement ring in an old cassette tape box. "It was beautiful," says Dominique. How romantic and perfect is that! 

September Featured Couple

Dominique's engagement ring is the Eden Engagement Ring, a stunning nature-inspired ring. When asked how and why they settled on picking an engagement ring from MiaDonna, here's what Dominique had to say, "Over the last year or so, we have been learning a lot about fair trade products and how to choose more ethically and sustainably. I knew that I didn't want to compromise even when it came to my engagement ring. When we started talking about rings, I thought I would have to give up the idea of a diamond and find an alternative. Enter: lab-grown diamonds, seeing an article from The Good Trade, and being thrilled we had ethical options. I also loved extra detailing on a band, especially the leaf details so the Eden Engagement Ring is perfect." 

Eden Engagement Ring

As for the wedding date, the newly-engaged couple is taking it easy for a while, just enjoying this new chapter of their love story. They haven't picked a date yet, and they aren't in a hurry to do so. Dominique says, "These moments all happen so fast so we want to make sure that we are present for all of it and cherishing this new season."

The MiaDonna team wishes Travis and Dominique nothing but the absolute best for the future! Thank you for sharing your story with us. (All photo credit goes to Ricky Cruz, @arc.photg)  

Travis and Dominique September Featured Couple


MiaDonna Team

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