Honeymoon in Fiji

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Written by Carly Burkhartsmeyer

With consistently warm weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of romantic resorts, a honeymoon in Fiji is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of your married life. Part of what makes a Fiji honeymoon the perfect post-wedding getaway is that the grouping of islands offers something for every individual. Whether you’re looking to relax after all the stress of wedding planning, delve into the culture of a totally unfamiliar place, or try out some outdoor adventures with your spouse, you’re sure to enjoy the variety of options Fiji has to offer. All you need to do is pick the right island for you to kick off a vacation you’ll never forget!

Take a Moment to Relax

After sleeping in, start your first morning in Fiji by making your way to a Kama Yoga Fiji class to destress and refresh after your flight. Once you wrap up, enjoy a leisurely breakfast at whichever of the beautiful resorts you decided on.

Fiji has no shortage of striking beaches that are perfect for relaxing. Take advantage of the islands’ warm temperatures, gentle breezes, and soothing ocean sounds by setting aside time for a well-deserved rest on one of the many picturesque shores. Both Natadola and Sunset Beach make for great places to relax with a drink.

If you want to mix things up, visit the Sabeto Natural Mud Pool and Hot Springs. The mud here is an all-natural, relaxing spa treatment - it’s even believed to have anti-aging and healing properties.

For those of us who live in or around cities, enjoying a starry sky is a rarity. In Fiji, however, there’s no urban light pollution to interfere with your view of the constellations. Finish your day of relaxation by taking in the gorgeous night skies from the shore.

Fiji Honeymoon

Get to Know the Culture

If you’re a couple who loves to cook, consider taking a Fijian cooking class from Flavors of Fiji. You’ll get to use fresh, local ingredients and learn about Fiji’s traditional food. What could be better to bring home from your trip than an array of new cooking skills?

Another way to experience true Fijian culture is through a tour of Navala, where villagers still reside in the traditional bures and live off of the native crops and animals. Visiting Navala is a great way to be immersed in the authentic tradition of the islands.

Honeymoon in Fiji

Be Outdoors & Explore

If a day of outdoor activity is what you’re seeking, visit Taveuni. The coast here is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving among the coral reefs. Later on, relax on the gorgeous beaches before grabbing dinner from one of the local restaurants. Also located here is the Lavena Coastal Walk, a beautiful hike that finishes at a refreshing waterfall pool.

Try an afternoon of paddle boarding if you’re looking for an active way to see the beautiful landscape and get to know one of the islands. You can have an instructor guide you if you’re new to the activity or even take a special sunset paddle boarding tour!

Look into taking a cruise if a more laid-back way to explore appeals. You’ll get a glimpse of a variety of different islands, each with a unique culture and look, and take in the beautiful scenery all the while.

Fiji Honeymoon