How to Clean a Diamond Ring

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Do you know when and how to clean a diamond ring? When you first receive your ring after purchasing, it looks bright, shiny and sparkly. Similar to buying a new car, eventually "life" builds up on your ring and it requires cleaning and maintenance. Fingerprints, hair, dirt, soap, food, hair products, and other countless residue begins to latch onto your ring the moment is slides on your finger. You may even notice it beginning to look dull, cloudy, or even a different color. These are the telltale signs that it’s time for a clean. Here are 3 ways to clean your diamond ring, and yes, this applies to all jewelry including those set with gemstones and the Diamond Hybrid.

At Home Cleaning

We recommend cleaning your ring at home no less than once a week, or more often as needed (such as a spill occurring during cooking or cleaning). A complimentary MiaDonna jewelry cleaner is included with your purchase, and this can be reused for approximately 90 days. Please contact us for more cleaner as needed.

Don’t have any jewelry cleaner? Not to worry, all you need is some dish soap and warm water. You want to soak your ring for 5-10 minutes then brush away residue with a soft bristle toothbrush. Make sure to clean the top, sides and underneath the center stone. If you have side stones, clean them in the same way making sure to brush beneath the stone and inside the ring if there is an opening.

Please be aware that washing your hands and showering with a ring on does NOT clean it. In fact, this causes soap scum to build on the ring giving it a more dirty appearance over time. This can also wear at the metal when done regularly and cause loosening of center and side stones. We recommend removing rings when washing hands, showering or doing dishes.

how to clean a diamond ring

Jeweler Cleaning

We recommend getting your rings cleaned at a jeweler once every 3 to 6 months. The jeweler will not only give your rings a deeper more thorough cleaning, but they can check your stones for loosening and prongs and setting for any repairs that might be needed. Jewelers use ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners when cleaning jewelry, which you too can purchase for at home use.

how to clean a diamond ring

Professional Deep Cleaning

Professional cleaning is recommended when your ring needs a deeper clean than you or a local store can perform. This may require a jeweler to remove stones on the ring in order to clean beneath them. Designs that are intricate may require this type of cleaning. This is usually needed once every 3-5 years, if ever. This type of cleaning usually includes ring polishing, which is a paid service that brings the metal back to its bright shiny new finish and compliments freshly cleaned stones beautifully.

For more tips on how to care for your diamond ring, check out our Engagement Ring Dos and Don’ts to learn how you can extend the life of your jewelry.

how to clean a diamond ring