Featured Couple - Meet Nicole and Sean

Article by MiaDonna

Written by Mia Berard

Meet these two lovebirds: Nicole and Sean. Having now been together for just over two years, their story is nothing short of a real-life romantic comedy. Sean had been bouncing around California for a while, but after a tough break-up he made the drive across country to his hometown in New Jersey. Knowing he wanted to spend his life on the West Coast, he eventually made his way back to Big Bear, California. While working as a snowboard instructor and bouncer at a small nightclub, he had no clue his life was about to change.

One Christmas Eve night, Nicole’s aunt came into the snowboard shop with some other family members and they got to talking with Sean. Nicole’s aunt insisted he teach her niece how to snowboard the following day because they would “make a great couple.” The following day as Sean walked up to the small hut where all students meet before a lesson, Nicole caught his eye. He was instantly blown away and began looking forward to the day’s lesson. The entire day Sean and Nicole continued to hit it off. By the end of the lesson, the two swapped numbers in hopes of planning more lessons. Just like that, they started dating a few weeks after, moved in together a few months after that, and are now engaged. How do he propose, you ask?

Knowing he wanted the moment to be special and intimate, Sean planned a trip the day after Christmas 2017 to the Sequoia National Forest. There is a trail known for being very private in the winter that leads right into a huge circle of sequoia trees. The two embarked on the four mile hike to the perfect spot where Sean had set up a camera to surprise Nicole. The lovely couple got engaged in the trunk of a large Sequoia tree. They then spent the rest of their memorable trip hiking and soaking in the sites.

Sean knew what size of ring to get Nicole and was hoping to find something completely unique. His main focus was to find a ring that was ethical yet still just as stunning. He knew he wanted to give his future wife a conflict-free lab-grown diamond ring, a true symbol of their love and commitment to come from a pure, ethical background.

Congratulations to Nicole and Sean! The couple now reside in Palos Verdes Estates, CA and are expected to happily marry in July of 2019.