Planning the Last Hurrah!

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A bachelor party, also known as a stag party, stag night, stag weekend (in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and New Zealand), or a buck's night or buck show (in Australia) is a party thrown for a groom-to-be shortly before he gets married, to celebrate his "last night of freedom”.

While Bachelor parties often include the company of exotic dancers and such, we think most men just want to have one last (drama free) hurrah with their best mates. That is why we did some of the planning for you and came up with several suggestions to make it a night or weekend that he’ll never forget.

Destination party

Whether you love the sun or prefer the snow there are many places to get ‘buckwild’ when celebrating his last few nights as a single man. 


From pool parties to the extravagant nightlife - Vegas is without a doubt a bachelor party destination spot. And...let’s not forget “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” Right?

New Orleans

Another destination party zone - New Orleans, like Vegas, allows open containers on the streets, has awesome food and most importantly an active nightlife.


This destination suggestion is close to our hearts, because well...Portland is where we live, which means we know what we are talking about when it comes to throwing your buddy the best darn bachelor party this city has ever seen. For those guys who insist on going to a ‘gentlemen's club’ the scene in Portland is impressive and there are even guided tours that are known to be pretty crazy. For those guys who prefer ‘clean fun’ we suggest whiskey tasting at the Whiskey Library, visiting one of our MANY breweries, to tour or not to tour, that is the question, or try out the Brew Cycle - mixing beer and fun, if possible plan the party around one of Portland’s many beer or food festivals and if all else fails - the nightlife in Portland is pretty impressive too.

Whistler, BC

If your groom-to-be loves to hit the slopes, Whistler is definitely where you should plan his big night or weekend out. Spend your day shredding some powder and when the evening rolls around, check out one of Whistler’s tasting tours or club crawls - or head into Vancouver to check out some of Canada’s best nightlife.

Day or Evening Activities

Whether you are looking for a more creative stag night adventure or just something to do before the lap dances start, why not treat your best bro to a fun day or evening of unforgettable fun.

Sporting Event
Scavenger Hunt - this can actually be a fun evening event, especially if you involve beer and bars.

Extreme Ideas

Sky Diving - Race Car Driving - White Water RaftingBang for your Buck: Brewery Tour - Whiskey Tasting - Cigar Lounge

Best bang for your buck:

Brewery Tour - Whiskey Tasting - Cigar Lounge