8 Non-Traditional Solitaire Engagement Rings

Article by MiaDonna

Solitaire engagement rings are considered the most classic and traditional style of engagement ring. However, as trends shift, we're seeing more and more couples choosing unique and non-traditional engagement rings, and this fun trend includes solitaire engagement rings too.


From antique inspired etching, to bypass designs and bezel settings, each ring has unique features that are the perfect compliment for the bride-to-be who wants to mesh iconic style with edgy design.


Daci Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Daci’s bypass design is a modern take on this traditional engagement ring style.

Tory Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Tory’s hand-carved filigree adds a vintage vibe to this non-traditional solitaire design.

Ambrose Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Ambrose features a half bezel setting, which is a unique take on a full bezel as well as a modern design choice.

Victorian Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Victorian’s antique inspired etching is a lovely choice for those looking for a traditional solitaire style with non-traditional design details.

Bizet Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Bizet is a designer inspired modern solitaire design that features the princess cut in a stunning bezel setting.

Alba Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Alba’s bold etching is a stylized and unexpected take on the classic solitaire design.

Rose Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Rose features a princess cut center stone in a uniquely stylish ‘twisted’ bypass design.

Charming Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Charming's designer inspired style showcases a basket setting sitting a top a modernistic twisted cable band.

While these are eight of our most popular non-traditional solitaire engagement rings - we have more non-traditional designs, as well as many variations on the classic solitaire too.