What is a Man Made Diamond?

Article by MiaDonna

We’re here to clear the air and lay down the facts on what man made diamonds are. Also known as lab-grown diamonds, man made diamonds are 100% REAL diamonds. MiaDonna works closely with the world’s biggest and most respected diamond growers, cutters and engineers to bring you exceptional quality man made diamonds, created in a modern-day lab environment.


How are Man Made Diamonds Created?


The process of creating a man made diamond starts by placing a diamond seed into a Chemical Vapor Deposition chamber. It is here where hydrogen and methane gases combine in a high temperature and low pressure environment, thus allowing the carbon atoms within the gas to separate. These carbon atoms then rain onto a diamond substrate building layers of rough diamond crystal. Within six to ten weeks, a rough Type IIa diamond matures and is then cut, polished and graded by the same world-renowned labs that certify earth-mined diamonds.

Man made diamond creation process

The Result


By replicating the earth’s natural growing process in a controlled environment, we are able to create pure carbon diamonds that are physically, optically and chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds. MiaDonna’s man-made diamonds are available in a variety of cuts, colors, clarities, and sizes perfect to fit anyone’s style. You can finally have ease of mind when it comes to shopping for beautiful and ethical man made diamond jewelry knowing that your product is free of any human or environmental abuse.

6.28ct Man made diamond

Pictured is MiaDonna's 6.28 carat Largest Grown-in-the-USA Lab-Grown Diamond. For a deeper comparison, our incredibly knowledgeable team of eco-diamond experts have come together to create this infographic featuring informative points on the differences between lab-created diamonds and earth-mined diamonds.


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