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Style Guide

10 Gifts Under $1,000

We’re already well into December and time is ticking to get gifts for that special someone. Here are our 10 favorite conflict-free holiday gifts under $1,000!

Style Guide

November's New Styles

Our ever growing collection of conflict-free engagement rings just got bigger! Check out this month’s newest arrivals and start shopping for the engagement ring of her dreams!

Style Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

MiaDonna's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide features our best-selling and most popular gifts to make shopping this holiday season simple, affordable & conflict-free!


Women in the Diamond Industry

In years past, the diamond industry was recognized as a male-dominated space. Up until now, men have been calling all the shots. In 1938, De Beers created the engagement ring trend that evidently became a tradition.

Bride & Groom Guide

10 Common Wedding Superstitions

In honor of Friday the 13th, we decided to do a little research on ten common wedding superstitions. What are they? How did they originate? Read to find out!

The Greener Diamond

The Dangers of Deep Sea Mining

Mining companies are having to dig deeper and mine in more remote locations to keep up with demand. Deep sea mining is harming both the Earth and sea life.

The Greener Diamond

A Milestone for Ponpon

Today marks a milestone in my journey to create a Greener Diamond future. Today, Ponpon graduates high school, taking a closer step to a dream to go to college.

Style Guide

Featured Custom Palladium Ring

Looking for a custom engagement ring? MiaDonna’s custom design services can make it happen. This week’s featured custom ring was inspired by two different designs to form one cohesive ring.

Stone Guide

Alexandrite Color Comparison

Often described as an emerald by day and a ruby by night, the alexandrite gemstone is unique in its color-changing variety. See the different colors it reflects

Stone Guide

What is a Diamond Simulant?

Simulant diamonds, also known as imitation diamonds, are manufactured to have the optical characteristics of diamonds, however have a different chemical makeup.

Bride & Groom Guide

Honeymoon in Santorini, Greece

Full of breathtaking views of the historical town surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean, we see why many newlywed couples choose to honeymoon in Santorini, Greece. With its rich culture and lively history, this Cyclades island is a stunning honeymoon destination.

Stone Guide

What is a Man Made Diamond?

We’re here to clear the air and lay down the facts about man made diamonds. Also known as lab-grown diamonds, man made diamonds are 100% REAL diamonds.

Style Guide

The July Ruby Birthstone

Considered by some to be the most valuable gemstone, rubies represents love, passion, courage and emotion. Here are some of our favorite ruby designs!