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What is a Man Made Diamond?

We’re here to clear the air and lay down the facts about man made diamonds. Also known as lab-grown diamonds, man made diamonds are 100% REAL diamonds.

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9 Classic Vintage Engagement Rings

Antique and vintage engagement rings are timeless symbols of love and unity. Accentuated with delicate lines and intricate details, vintage engagement rings are the ideal choice for those looking for one-of-a-kind designs reminiscent of the past. Here are nine handcrafted...

Stone Guide

The Diamond Hybrid® vs. Moissanite

Learn more about Moissanite and other diamond alternatives. Technology has come a long way giving rise to Moissanite alternatives. Here we compare Moissanite, Diamond Hybrid Simulants and Diamonds.

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Olivia Palermo Gets Married!

Fashion icon, socialite and former reality TV star, Olivia Palermo, married her German male model sweetheart, Johannes Huebl, this past Sunday in a intimate ceremony in NY, attended by close friends and family. We absolutely love everything about this wedding, especially Olivia’s...


MiaDonna Featured on the Rachael Ray Show!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner we have been reflecting on what a fantastic year this has been. One exciting opportunity that we were thankful to be a part of was being featured on the Rachael Ray Show gifting MiaDonna Wedding...

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Alexandrite Gemstone Engagement Rings

Alexandrite is one of the most magical gemstones there is, changing its colors like a chameleon. The Alexandrite gemstone will appear a greenish blue in sunlight and change its color to a reddish purple in incandescent light. Alexandrite is also...