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In 2012, fresh off of their last Silicon Valley venture, Martin Roscheisen and Jeremy Scholz set their sights on creating a new company in the Lab Grown Diamond industry. Using their accomplished entrepreneurial skills and connections, they went on to raise three hundred and fifteen million dollars to advance the technology—but also increase the sustainability of Lab-Grown Diamonds.


Their company, Diamond Foundry, managed to improve the CVD process whilst creating a carbon-neutral facility. They used hydropower and other sustainable energy systems to power their plant. This resulted in a great diamond that was produced with minimal damage to the environment.

Round cut lab grown diamonds shown sitting on a hand

When MiaDonna founder Anna-Mieke was in search of a conflict-free diamond to start fundraising for her foundation The Greener Diamond, she soon discovered that nothing that came out of the earth could be considered conflict-free. That’s when she turned to scientists to grow, in a lab, stunning, real, gem-quality diamonds that we would all be proud to wear.

She was the first person they had met that had the vision of how to sell diamonds grown in a lab; they were more focused on refining the technology. This was back in 2005 when Lab Created Diamond technology was still in its infancy. No one had perfected the process to create bigger stones that were nearly colorless and there were only two labs growing diamonds in the USA. Anna-Mieke continued to work with and advise the lab-grown diamond scientists to improve the quality and cuts of diamonds grown in a lab.

“At the time, they were growing diamonds using a High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) process, which is how we believe diamonds were formed within the earth. However, this process was proving we could not grow large colorless diamonds. The larger they grew, the yellower and more unstable they would get. We were losing about 90% of what we were growing. We knew we needed to pivot to a newer Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. This is how we believe diamonds are created in space.” - Anna-Mieke Anderson

Asscher cut lab grown diamond

Now we know to grow large colorless diamonds in a lab we need to use the CVD Method. It’s done using a vacuum deposition process in which a small piece of natural diamond is placed in a plasma reactor for about two weeks. The result is a diamond that is atomically, chemically, molecularly, and visually identical to earth-mined diamonds.


Anna-Mieke’s mission was to use science and innovation to push the diamond industry on a more sustainable path. To sell fine jewelry, from diamonds grown in a modern day lab environment, while being the sustainable funding source for the non-profit foundation, The Greener Diamond.


Over the years she managed to catch the attention of many Lab Diamond growers who were very eager for their gems to be sold at MiaDonna. But Anna-Mieke continues to be very selective with who she and MiaDonna choose to do business with.  

“What was attractive about the Diamond Foundry was their proprietary software simulations of plasma physics used with their technology to grow excellent diamonds, while being truly sustainable.” - Anna-Mieke Anderson

Loose lab grown diamonds in various shapes and sizes

Anna-Mieke took interest in the Diamond Foundry as an innovation partner and wholesaler. But to make it in the diamond world, she had bigger obstacles to overcome. Earth-mined diamond companies worth billions, had nearly endless marketing budgets to invent and control the perception of diamonds. All the while, these companies buried the truth about their corrupt and destructive mining practices.

Anna-Mieke knew she would have to form an alliance with other activists to change the narrative. Their goals? To begin enlightening the public about earth-mined diamond companies, challenge the governmental red tape that favored earth-mined diamonds, and advocate for the ultimate solution to conscious consumers. Because of this, she became a founding member together with Diamond Foundry of an organization called the International Grown Diamond Association to help change outdated and biased rules on how to sell a lab-grown diamond.

Round cut lab grown diamond from MiaDonna

Today, Lab Created Diamonds have finally become mainstream and the technology is perfect. After Anna-Mieke paved the way, countless diamond-growing facilities started popping up around the world. Unfortunately, many of them cut corners to save money, and in turn, make an inferior product. And few of them have anything sustainable or innovative to offer.

That’s one of many ways MiaDonna is different. We have never waivered in our quest to offer only the highest-quality and most ethical fine jewelry. Our selective partnerships and foundation-first principles have helped us remain leaders in the industry. Build your dream Lab Grown Diamond engagement ring with a Diamond Foundry diamond at MiaDonna today!