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How do you give a gorgeous engagement ring a personal touch? You get it engraved with something special!


Sometimes this is a good idea if you have a very traditional ring. Getting it engraved makes it a little different. As a bonus, since it’s never seen when the ring is being worn. Only you know about it (unless you tell someone). It’s like a fun little secret message between couples. There’s a special joy in coming up with the right words together or revealing them to each other in a special moment. The best part is seeing their face when they first read it.  

There are many engagement ring inscription ideas. Below we’ll list a few categories and examples that go beyond traditional inscriptions. However, nothing is wrong with using one of the tried and true classics!


Engagement Ring Inscriptions Are Medieval And Modern


Before we get into inscription ideas, let’s look into what it is and where the idea of engraving words on rings even comes from. Ring inscriptions started cropping up around the medieval ages in both France and England. People called this type of ring a posie or posey, and they were almost always made of gold.


The name posie derives from poetry which is a short rhyme, of course. Inscriptions were mostly put inside of the rings, but at first, they were done on the outside. Regarding the former, it was believed that wearing the words against the owner’s skin increased their effect! And just as today, people used symbols and different languages to convey their sentiments.


Posies were gifts amongst friends or lovers with a special relationship. They were also used for couples that moved beyond a simple promise ring. Many princes and princesses started their official journey together with posies that were used as wedding rings. It’s exciting to know that entire kingdoms and family legacies from the middle ages started with a single inscribed ring! That’s something they don’t emphasize much in Game of Thrones.

Today, many celebrities get wedding ring inscriptions. For example, Ben Affleck had “Not. Going. Anywhere” engraved on Jennifer Lopez’s five million dollar engagement ring. Given their romantic history, this might seem odd. However, this is how Ben signed off on his emails when they started dating again.


What Does It Cost?


Most places will engrave your ring for a small fee. At MiaDonna, depending on our promotions, we do it free or at cost. Other places might charge up to one hundred dollars, but compared to the ring it’s an insignificant amount.


How Is The Engraving Done?


Most ring engravings are done through the concentrated heat of a laser. That tiny laser acts like a chisel that removes layers of surface material. Once the desired design is achieved, it leaves a noticeable impression. The laser engraving is shallow, so it does not weaken the ring. The machine engraving is usually finished in under a minute and several different fonts are available. Also, any metal can be engraved.


What Can You Get Inscribed?


Because inscribed rings use a computer-programmed laser, you have a lot of choices. From symbols like the infinity sign to foreign languages: almost anything can be engraved. Some engravers will even replicate someone’s handwriting.


There are a few parameters, though. Think about the space you have to work with. Some Engagement rings are delicate and thin, while others, like men’s bands, have an abundance of room. We suggest you limit the number of characters to around 20 because a ring is only so big, but the sky's the limit with your inscription ideas and font choices. The most popular options are Edwardian Script, Helvetica, New Times Roman, Arial, and Old English.


Helpful Tips (And Things To Avoid)


There are lots of things to consider before you get your engagement ring or band engraved. Here are a few quick tips to help you decide on what’s best.


  • First and foremost, remember: Once it’s inscribed, you cannot return it! (Triple-check the size, style, etc.)
  • Choose the right font. Fancy cursive fonts look cool, but sometimes they are hard to read.
  • Keep it super brief! Err on brevity and use a short phrase. A single word can be a perfect choice. Or try to shorten/combine words like “You’re” instead of “You Are," “I’m” instead of "I Am,” or use a ♥ instead of the word “love."
  • Use an evergreen special message. Make it something that will sound good today and countless years from now.
  • Triple-check the spelling and dates.
  • Engravings might disappear or be faint after polishing and/or redipping. You’ll need to redo it.
  • If you resize the ring, that’s a redo too!
  • Get the inscription off-center on the bottom. All resizing cuts are done at the bottom, under the finger. (Or get it done at the top.)
  • The wider the band, the better the inscription will turn out. You need enough room to see it.
  • Maybe skip inscriptions on a super-thin solitaire band. The text will be tiny.
  • If you’re stumped for the right words—even after the exhaustive list below—look to love languages for inspiration. It will be different and hardly boring.


Do you love the idea of inscriptions, but not 100%? Wait then: You can always engrave later! Well, are you ready for some old and new engagement ring inscription ideas? Here we go!



Fun or Humorous Ring Inscriptions
  1. Taken
  2. Mine
  3. (Secret Code)
  4. Non-Refundable
  5. Legally Mine
  6. Property Of (Your Name)
  7. Resistance Is Futile
  8. You're My Person.
  9. Good Choice
  10. I Do! (+ Date)
  11. You're Stuck With Me.
  12. To My Last First Kiss!
  13. You’re My Lobster, Or, I’m Your Lobster.. [From Friends]
  14. To The Moon And Back. Or, To The Moon (In Reference To “I Love You To The Moon And Back”)
  15. Special Nickname Or Pet Name
  16. Finders Keepers
  17. Morse Code
  18. Binary Code
  19. (Inside Joke)
  20. Ride Or Die
  21. One And Only
  22. Your “Safe” Word :)

Song Title Ring Inscriptions

  1. Endless Love
  2. Let's Stay Together
  3. At Last
  4. Big Day
  5. Crazy For You
  6. Let Love Rule
  7. First Day Of My Life (+Date)
  8. Forever And Ever, Amen
  9. Always On My Mind
  10. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me
  11. Best Of My Love
  12. Can't Help Falling In Love
  13. Nothing Compares 2 U
  14. I Only Have Eyes For You.
  15. It Had To Be You
  16. Vision Of Love
  17. Eternal Flame
  18. You Make My Dreams
  19. Alive With The Glory Of Love
  20. Crazy In Love
  21. We Found Love
  22. My Girl/ My Guy
  23. Unforgettable
  24. Thinkin Bout You
  25. You Make Loving Fun
  26. I Will Always Love You
  27. Hopelessly Devoted To You
  28. My Cherie Amour
  29. Crazy Love
  30. You’re Still The One

  (or use short song lyrics)


Hopeless Romantic Ring Inscriptions

  1. Forever Yours
  2. (Initials) + (Initials) 4eva
  3. I Choose You Always
  4. I Got You. Forever
  5. True Love Forever
  6. To Have And To Hold.
  7. I Choose You
  8. Always And Forever
  9. Adventure Awaits
  10. Everlasting Love
  11. Soul Mates
  12. Happily Ever After
  13. All My Love
  14. Only You
  15. One Love
  16. Worth The Wait
  17. (Theme Of Your Wedding Vows)
  18. You’re Safe With Me

Foreign Languages - I Love You

  1. Je t’aime (French)
  2. Я люблю тебя (Russian)
  3. Mahal kita (Filipino)
  4. 我爱你 (Chinese)
  5. Ninakupenda (Swahili)
  6. Amore mio (“My love” - Italian)
  7. I LUV U (English)


  1. Ring 1: Little Spoon, Ring 2: Big Spoon
  2. Ring 1: “I Do” Ring 2: “Me Too”
  3. Ring 1: “To Have” Ring 2: “To Hold”
  4. Ring 1: “I Love You” Ring 2: “I Know”

Authentic Posie Ring Inscriptions


(These are from the book English Posies and Posy Rings by Dame Joan Evans)


  1. A Loving Wife During Life
  2. After Consent Ever Content
  3. Acsept My Love
  4. Amor Vincit Omnia
  5. As Gold Is Pure, So Love Is Sure
  6. Continew Faythfull
  7. En Bon Desir
  8. Feare Not Mee, Ile Faithful Bee
  9. Fe Y Fidalgula
  10. God Above Increase Our Love
  11. God Made Us Two One
  12. I Am Free For God & Thee
  13. I Live In Hope
  14. I Rejoyce In The My Choice
  15. In Love Abide Till Death Devide
  16. In Loyalty Ile Live And Dye
  17. + Let + Trvth + Tryall +
  18. Let Love Continue
  19. Let Us Share In Joy And Care
  20. Let Vertue Rule Affection
  21. Let Vertue Still Direct Thy Will
  22. Live & Love
  23. Live And Love Happy
  24. Loyalte Ne Peur
  25. Meet Me At Midnight
  26. My Hart Is Thine
  27. Of All I See I Chose The
  28. The Love Of Thee Is Life To Me
  29. True Love Is Endless
  30. Vertue Paseth Ryches
  31. You And I Will Lovers Dye
  32. You Have My Hart

Traditional Ring Inscriptions

  1. First names
  2. Both initials
  3. Wedding date (So you don’t forget!)
  4. Bible verses
  5. Religious quotes
  6. The date you first said “I Love You”
  7. (important date)
  8. A Blessing
  9. Tiny quote/phrase
  10. Significant location
  11. Phone number


Do you have a few good engagement ring inscription ideas now? And even if you’re still thinking about it for your special day, head over to our engagement ring collection now for a great selection of fine jewelry and lab-grown diamonds. You have to find the right ring first!