Rustic Simplicity, Organic Charm: Introducing Our Artisan Ring Collection

Article by MiaDonna

There is something truly beautiful in the unique and imperfect—a statement of individuality and a departure from the ordinary. And here at MiaDonna, our new Artisan Ring Collection is a testament to that belief and philosophy. Inspired by the rustic beauty of nature, our artisan rings are sure to capture your imagination and ignite your passion for sustainable, self-expression and ethical beauty.


Featuring bezels, hammered finishes, and east to west settings, this collection is a celebration of bold creativity that lives in both the worlds of engagement rings and fashion. And just like all rings designed by MiaDonna, these organic, rustic, and stackable rings are meticulously handcrafted in the United States with 100% recycled gold and only the finest lab grown diamonds.

We love this new collection of artisan rings because they showcase the natural beauty of lab-grown diamonds, with designs that highlight their organic beauty. Wear them alone or stack them in your own unique way and make them truly yours.


Without further ado, we invite you to explore this new collection. MiaDonna is excited to introduce you to a few select pieces we feel confident you are sure to love.

Calendula Engagement Ring

This satin finish engagement ring features a bezel set east-to-west Pear Cut or Oval Cut center stone. Whether you prefer the warm glow of 14K yellow gold or the classic allure of 14K white

gold, this east west setting is a stunning choice that will captivate your heart and make a lasting impression.

Burdock Engagement Ring

Exuding sophistication and charm, this organic ring is a true masterpiece. Showcasing a bezel set Cushion Cut center stone that adds a touch of vintage-inspired appeal and a satin finish band, this eco-friendly engagement ring is a symbol of refined elegance that any bride would be thrilled to wear.

Rustic Engagement Ring

Embodying the perfect balance between modernity and classic design, this rustic ring features a bezel set Round Cut center stone and is available in both 4mm and 2mm bands, allowing you to choose the perfect width for your personal style. Showcasing a unique satin finish, the ring is crafted from either 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold, both of which are eco-friendly and responsibly sourced. A truly sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious bride-to-be.

Diamond Accented Petite Artisan Band

Designed to be versatile, this organic band looks equally breathtaking when worn alone or as a stackable ring with one of our Artisan Engagement Rings. With its exquisite lab grown diamonds and customizable metal and finish options, this piece represents the perfect combination of luxury and sustainability. It’s a true reflection of refined taste and communicates a commitment to ethical jewelry choices.

Diamond Accented Wide Artisan Band

With its customizable metal and finish options and the brilliance of three lab grown diamonds, this chunky ring with a wide band design makes a bold and striking statement. Not limited to being just a wedding band or stacking ring with one of our Artisan Engagement Rings, the piece carries with it the capability of being worn on its own as a statement ring. It is a true showstopper and unisex ring that will draw attention and admiration wherever you go.

Petite Artisan Band

Featuring a minimalist design and customizable metal and finish options, this organic ring is crafted with precision and attention to detail. It is simple, timeless, and understated when worn on its own. As a stacking ring it can be paired with our Artisan Engagement Rings for a stunning layered effect. This rustic ring will enable you to elevate your style and will complement any outfit or occasion.

Wide Artisan Band

Fashioned to be a unisex ring, this wide plain metal band is available in both 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold. While it would complement the hand of any bride or groom, its design and unique finish options, including both satin and satin hammered, make it a perfect choice for any person who wants to express their creativity and personality through their jewelry.

The Artisan Ring Collection is Here to Stay

Each organic ring in the Artisan Ring Collection offers timeless simplicity and evokes modern rustic minimalism, and MiaDonna is excited to include them in our collection. These rings have earned a place as a permanent addition to our exclusive jewelry line.


The Artisan Ring Collection is a true testament to the experience that MiaDonna has set out to achieve since our inception. Namely, to give forward-thinking consumers a beautiful, ethical, and affordable lab grown diamond that is sustainable, conflict-free, prevents human suffering, and is good for the Earth.


We invite you to learn more about MiaDonna’s mission while also exploring all of the gorgeous rustic rings and stacking rings that encompass the Artisan Ring Collection. Create your own perfect ring stack today.