7 New Lab Grown Diamond Cuts!

Article by Adam

With 2019 in full swing now, it's time to treat yourself and sparkle all year with a lab grown diamond! We love lab grown diamonds in all cuts, shapes and sizes, but we found these 7 to be especially unique and distinct. Loose Lab Created Diamonds are great because you can set them in a ring, necklace or accessory, virtually anything your heart desires! Here's a look at seven of our newest lab grown diamond cuts, available online now, including the Hexagon Lab Grown Diamond, grown in the USA and sold exclusively at MiaDonna.


Hexagon Diamond Cut - Exclusive to MiaDonna


Introducing the Hexagon shape, exclusively sold at MiaDonna. We just love the beauty and uniqueness of this lab grown diamond shape! Modern and geometrical, the step cut hexagon is evolved from the basic rose cut shapes of the 1600's. Step cut faceting made popular during the Art Deco era adding a unique appeal.

Hexagonal Lab Grown Diamond

Lozenge Diamond Cut


This Art Deco era rhombus has three rows of step facets on the crown with one large table facet. The pavilion also has three rows of step faceting culminating in a pointed culet. Its streamlined look and emphasis on geometry are reminiscent of the era it was first created.


Lozenge Lab Grown Diamond

Octavia Diamond Cut


Lucky number eight, symbolized in a diamond shape, featuring the radiance of a brilliant round in an eight-sided cut featuring 88 total facets.


Octavia Lab Grown Diamond

Regulus Diamond Cut


The Regulus is related to a round brilliant but features a total of 105 facets compared to a traditional round's 57. The pavilion is slivered into several long facets resulting in a stunning round that beams with fire.


Regulus Lab Grown Diamond

Harmonia Diamond Cut


The number eleven signifies balance and perfection. The eleven sides and a large table with several pavilion facets provide a prismatic sparkle from this harmonic shape.


Harmonia Lab Grown Diamond

Rio Diamond Cut


With a large culet, this cushion shape is reminiscent of an Old Mine cut. A unique facet arrangements give a kaleidoscopic effect for modern flair.


Rio Lab Grown Diamond

Half Moon Diamond Cut


A truly unique shape, the Half Moon cut with a straight line on one side, and a curve on the other is often seen as accent stones. In larger sizes, they are also highlighted to be a rare focal shape.


Lab Grown Diamond Half Moon Loose Stone


You can create your perfect ring, earrings, or other accessory to set the stone of your choice in. The possibilities are truly endless, and our team can help build a one of a kind custom item made just for you. Learn more about lab grown diamonds.