Celebrating B Corp Month - Companies that believe in doing good!

Article by MiaDonna

Buying trends show that we are on the cusp of a new era in consumer purchasing. People today want to do business with brands that look beyond profits and also focus on people and the planet. Basically, shoppers want their dollars going to companies that do good.

With this new era comes the importance of brands to prove their authenticity. B Corporation Certification is a great way for businesses to do just that. MiaDonna proudly became B Corp Certified in 2019.  According to the certifying group, B Labs, “Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.” As a certified B Corporation, MiaDonna is continually evaluated to ensure our corporate philosophies and practices meet the stringent standards put forth by B Labs and the B Corporation certification.

MiaDonna Team Gives back

March is B Corp month and MiaDonna is excited to celebrate by sharing with you a few fellow B Corps who are doing amazing things. Each Wednesday throughout May we will highlight a B Corporation we admire. Simply visit this blog or follow us on social media to learn more about these impressive companies who are proving that you really can do very well at business by doing good. We encourage you to vote with your dollars and support the companies that are putting equal importance on profits, people and the planet. You, the consumer, have the power to drive change.

Partner Spotlight:  Stash Tea

Since their first loose leaf teas and herbs hit the market decades ago, they have been determined to measure success not just by revenue and profit, but by their impact on the world. Over 45 years and hundreds of flavor blends later, Stash Tea continues to make curated teas for consumers around the world while working toward a brighter future for the planet.

From sustainability efforts to their workplace standards, they consider the environmental and social impact in every choice they make as a business. As a Certified B Corporation, Stash Tea joins a growing global movement committed to using business as a source for good.

Visit www.stashtea.com to learn more.

Stash Teas and MiaDonna B Corp

Partner Spotlight: Thread Talk

There are two titles Hannah Kay Herdlinger never thought she would hold in life: domestic violence survivor and entrepreneur. Now, those two titles have come to define the work she does every day, empowering survivors like herself through Thread Talk, the for-profit, for-purpose company she founded in 2017. A certified B Corporation, Thread Talk sells cozy and eco-friendly blankets that are woven with the power to transform lives and empower survivors of domestic violence. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds are donated to provide critical wish list items to domestic violence shelters throughout the United States. With its aim to spread much-needed awareness about domestic violence across the country, Thread Talk recently launched its Trailblazer ambassador program which now has representatives in 37 states and 87 cities. 

Visit threadtalk.com for more information and to shop.

MiaDonna Partner Thread Talk

Partner Spotlight: Stoller Family Estate

Stoller is a lovely, family-owned winery and vineyard located in Dayton, Oregon. They primarily produce pinot noirs and chardonnays and are committed to leadership in premium winemaking and sustainable environmental practices.

MiaDonna and Stoller

Their estate is home to one of the largest private oak savannas in the Pacific Northwest which further shows their dedication to preserving ecology areas for indigenous plant and wildlife. Fallen oaks are re-purposed for bird boxes to encourage natural predation.

Their LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) efforts include planting cover crops and wildflowers to encourage a healthy population of beneficial insects, maintaining natural areas for wildlife, and forgoing many chemical sprays.

They were also the first Northwest winery to produce solar energy. Located on south-facing roofs, their solar arrays generate enough power to make the property energy neutral.

They are committed to supporting the community by giving back to local nonprofits with donations of goods and services year-round, and last year, their employees volunteered more than 450 hours to local nonprofits.


Partner Spotlight: Known Supply

Their mission: To use clothing as a tool to improve the lives of makers and help shoppers create a better relationship with what they wear.

MiaDonna and Known Supply B Corps

At KNOWN SUPPLY, they are reimagining apparel production in a way that honors and celebrates the people behind the clothing we buy. They work with underserved populations to provide meaningful work and to show the powerful impact clothing purchases can have if made thoughtfully. They introduce you to the woman who made your apparel in an effort to bring people back to the forefront. Each KNOWN SUPPLY product is accompanied by the signature of the person who made it.

For Known Supply, going through the B Corp certification process was important and here’s why…

  • Supporting and being connected to the larger movement in a collaborative way is core to how they see their impact growing. They look forward to learning alongside and partnering with other B Corps to create more good using their apparel knowledge.
  • While they have full confidence in their approach to using fashion as a catalyst for social change, the B Corp assessment provides data and tools to help ensure the impact continues to improve over time.
  • And lastly, they hope this gives supporters (current and future) even more faith in the ways the clothing is improving the global fashion industry for the better.


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