Featured Couple - Meet Emily and Ryo

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Meet Emily and Ryo, our June featured couple. Boston-grown, but now Berlin-based, these two got engaged and married within one week! Now, it’s time for them to start married life back in Europe and make some new memories together!

The couple met over 7 years ago when they both went to college at UMass Amherst, but they made the jump over the pond to Berlin, Germany two years ago where they now reside full time. Both being from the Boston area, they’re pretty used to the international travel between Berlin and home. They both always knew they wanted to get married, but spontaneously decided to do it on their most recent trip back home to Boston.

MiaDonna June Featured Couple

When the MiaDonna team asked about their proposal, wedding plans and how it all happened, their story is actually not typical, but a very unique and beautiful story! Emily said, “The engagement and proposal wasn't something we felt like we needed to do in order to be married and to commence our lifetime commitment to one another, so I didn't expect a proposal before our wedding. Ryo had other plans. The proposal felt like a surprise for me (Emily). It happened outside Boston City Hall the day we went to get our marriage certificate. It was a subtle and perfect proposal.”

When it came to the wedding itself, no time was wasted between the couple, as they wanted their family and friends to be there, of course. Emily said, “We gave ourselves a little less than one month to plan a wedding – just enough time to book a brewery space, order wedding bands, and get catering locked down. We weren't engaged before boarding the plane.” How exciting! A sweet and simple wedding.

For Emily’s stunning engagement ring, the couple chose The Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K rose gold set with a STUNNING 0.65 carat oval cut lab-grown diamond. They are both very conscious of the products and companies they support, often seeking out the ethical, sustainable and fair trade brands, so Emily said that MiaDonna was on their radar for rings. They went with a simple, yet distinct rose gold engagement ring.

Featured Couple - Meet Emily and Ryo

And no need for them to set a wedding date, the deed is done! The couple said, “We were engaged on a Monday, married by one of our best friends in a park outside Boston on a Saturday. We celebrated at a local brewery with our closest friends and family and had the best time.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds, thank you for choosing us at MiaDonna and we wish you all the happiness in the world for the coming years! Keep up with this MiaDonna couple on Instagram, @emireerose & @ryogokita