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Meet longtime sweethearts Will and Nicole. Having met through their mutual love of Jeeps and outdoors, they soon became more than friends. While Will is a native of Connecticut, Nicole came from Long Island, New York. These days, they’re cozied up together in Connecticut. 

Their proposal story is unlike others and involved their true passion: the outdoors. As adventure seekers, they set out to explore Iceland this past July by way of a week-long road trip. As they were making their way towards the eastern coast on the third day, they stopped along the outskirts of Jökulsárlón, an incredible glacier lagoon.

Will is a photographer and videographer by trade, so it was nothing out of the ordinary when he asked Nicole to pose with him for a shot in front of the glacier. She watched as he placed his drone controller on the ground. It was then that he took out a GoPro camera from his pocket and opened its case where the ring was hiding. He got down on one knee and the rest is history.

Nicole had come across MiaDonna a while ago and became interested in our mission, plus she loved our gorgeous selection of rings! One day the conversation of engagement rings came up between Will and NIcole and she showed him the Luxe Accented Engagement Ring. Little did she know that he would hold on to that piece of information for when the right time came along. Congratulations on your engagement and your upcoming wedding on September 29, 2018!

Iceland Proposal

Will and Nicole