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Written by Carly Burkhartsmeyer

Meet Will and Presley, the latest MiaDonna featured couple! The two met after their freshman year of college as summer camp counselors at Camp Ozark in Arkansas. They didn’t come into contact all that often, but developed many mutual friendships that summer and heard wonderful things about one another. Will says he saw firsthand how well Presley cared for the kids and how willingly she served those around her, and never forgot just how great she was.

Fortunately, Will and Presley kept in contact and returned two years later for a third summer as camp counselors. Within the first few days of their reunion, Will and Presley found themselves able to spend more time together than ever before, even working alongside each other (not so coincidentally, thanks to their camp family, the couple says). Will says their late nights talking on the store porch at camp felt more like making up for lost time with his best friend than just simply getting to know Presley. They quickly connected, realized there was no need to waste time, and began dating. What followed was a year of fun, adventure, and laughter like they had never known before.

MiaDonna Featured Couple

In October 2016, Will asked Presley to marry him in Round Top, Texas, just a few miles down the road from where their wedding would take place. They had talked openly about our desire to get married for several months prior and had planned a trip to Texas to visit Presley’s family. The family had made dinner plans at their favorite restaurant, Royer’s Cafe. Will and Presley arrived a little early and went for a walk, stopping in front of a cute, white chapel in the middle of the town. He asked her to read a letter he had written and got down on one knee, asking Presley to marry him with the most amazing ring she had ever seen! They took lots of pictures and had a intimate dinner celebration with family that night.

Will knew that Presley loved MiaDonna’s mission from the moment she first learned about the company while working for International Justice Mission, an NGO committed to rescuing the poor from violence around the world. Already knowing how important having a conflict-free diamond was to Presley, Will decided he needed to look no further than MiaDonna after seeing the flawless quality of the diamonds. Presley’s sister gave Will tips on the ring, and he ultimately decided on the beautiful Marilyn Accented Engagement Ring.

Conflict Free Engagement Ring

The couple married on September of 2017 in Round Top, kicking off the morning with a wedding day brunch hosted by some of their dear friends from camp, the place where their story began. Will and Presley each spent the day with their bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready, laughing together, praying together, and taking photos. They exchanged letters they had written to one another, expressing their love and excitement to finally be getting married. The evening wedding took place in an outdoor courtyard setting with their closest family and friends, followed by a reception inside a barn-style venue catered by their favorite local restaurant, the one they celebrated their engagement at. Then, they danced the night away with an amazing band.

MiaDonna Featured Couple

What an amazing beginning to their marriage journey! Will and Presley are set to move to Washington, D.C. this summer from Houston, Texas. We wish them the best in this new chapter of life!

MiaDonna Featured Couple