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How to Clean a Diamond Ring

We recommend cleaning your ring at home no less than once a week, or more often as needed. A complimentary MiaDonna jewelry cleaner is included with your purchase, and this can be reused for approximately 90 days.



Human Right Watch shed light on the underlying issues of mining diamonds and gold. We applaud the companies that are taking the steps in order to support the human rights but more can be done and more should be done.


6 Most Common Questions About Recycled Metal

When it comes to choosing the recycled metal type for your engagement ring or wedding band, it's important to consider your style and the wearability of your desired metal type. To make your decision process easier, we’ve answered the 6 most common questions about recycled metals.


Women in the Diamond Industry

In years past, the diamond industry was recognized as a male-dominated space. Up until now, men have been calling all the shots. In 1938, De Beers created the engagement ring trend that evidently became a tradition.


An Open Letter to Mothers

An open letter to mothers about how purchasing an earth-mined diamond can contribute to hurting a generation of children. Are lab-grown diamonds the solution?


Introducing MiaDonna 5.0

I’m so excited to announce that the new and totally revamped MiaDonna website is officially live. Shop lab-created diamonds and gemstones now!


MiaDonna Featured on the Rachael Ray Show!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner we have been reflecting on what a fantastic year this has been. One exciting opportunity that we were thankful to be a part of was being featured on the Rachael Ray Show gifting MiaDonna Wedding...