Top 10 Beautiful Right Hand Rings

Article by MiaDonna

Women wait their whole lives for the right person to come along and slip a glittering diamond on their finger. Why should any woman wait for someone else to gift them the diamond ring of their dreams? As women, we owe it to ourselves to indulge in the things we desire, to take control of our lives and treat ourselves with love. After all, you can’t love others until you love yourself! The left hand may mean commitment, but the right hand means independence, and it should sparkle – just like you!


Don’t wait for someone else to gift you with what you deserve – celebrate your beauty, confidence, and joy with a gorgeous right hand ring featuring a stunning lab grown diamond or gemstone. We offer styles for every woman, whether you’re a romantic, a traditionalist, or a little bit eccentric. After all, you deserve it!


What are you waiting for?



A twist design highlights a slender row of glistening diamonds on the Beloved Band. Delicate and feminine, this chic, elegant ring alternates a slim band of shining gold with a band of beautiful recycled diamonds. The Beloved Band stands on its own with ease, proving to yourself and the world that you’re worth it.



A stunning solitaire sits regally atop a setting featuring two baguette side stones to form a ring that’s truly dreamy. The classic silhouette begs to complement your prettiest dresses or your favorite blue jeans. It’s a timeless design that works with every woman’s style, and the slender band is perfect for women who prefer streamlined accessories.



Be your own princess with this mesmerizing ring where the star is a romantic oval cut lab grown diamond. Gorgeous gold provides the gleaming backdrop for a scattering of smaller stones around the oval, making this ring a standout. The thin band combines detail with drama for the ultimate lab grown diamond ring experience.



A trio of emerald cut lab grown diamonds leaves you breathless, The clarity and cut of the lab grown diamonds create millions of sparkles as you move your hand, grabbing attention with each wave. This is a ring for the woman who wants to make a statement.



There are few words to describe a ring this beautiful. The Magnolia ring looks like a family heirloom you wish was passed down to you. The gorgeous antique style takes a trip to the 21st century with the aid of shimmering side stones and a circle of glimmering diamonds around the large oval center stone, providing a heartfelt halo to show this stone off in the most spectacular fashion. The split shank adds to the impressiveness of this ring.



The most tender and delicate of bands encircles a sweet and sassy round center stone, making the halo solitaire the star of this otherworldly accessory. A row of diamonds twinkle around the band and center stone to reveal a diamond that’s daring and classic at the same time. Meet a contemporary take on a chic classic and enjoy eliciting envy.



You won’t find this stunner in any old antique shop, but you can definitely enjoy the thrill of a ring that offers a throwback design inspired by the Tiffany & Co. Legacy. The bezel set center stone sits within a gorgeous halo. The setting is designed to be smooth, but you can make it your own by adding milgrain and/or beading.



Traditional elegance is yours with the Dior ring. This slender band holds one single stunning lab grown center stone, exuding simple sophistication. The beauty of this ring is what you make of it – flat sides allow you to stack other rings along with it, creating the accessory of your fantasies. Choose a unique shaped lab grown diamond or gemstone to make this ring your own.



Who says your right hand ring has to be a diamond? Defy the rules and subvert the norms with this easy-to-love, engaging ring shown with a lab grown emerald. This magical ring offers a traditional emerald cut lab grown emerald gemstone flanked by smaller lab grown diamonds on either side. The Orchid demands attention, and the shining emerald appears magical in the light. This ring can be made with your choice of center stone.



Find it hard to make decisions? With the Chapman ring, you don’t have to. This two tone design is the best of both worlds, combining your choice of gold colors for an unforgettably dramatic piece. The feminine floral prongs capture a single solitaire, with eight smaller diamonds around the sides. Choose a single metal or embrace your duality with this special ring.



We hope this list gave you inspiration for finding your perfect right hand ring. Looking for more? Browse our collection of right hand rings.