Trending Now: Tennis Necklace

Article by MiaDonna

A bonafide celebrity staple and one of the most timeless accessories you can add to your collection, the tennis necklace is quickly becoming the trendiest piece of jewelry this year on and off the red carpet. Build yours at MiaDonna with lab-grown diamonds for an ethical and affordable luxury necklace.


celebrity tennis necklace style


Above: Emily Ratajkowski, Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie all rock tennis necklaces in different styles, lengths and shapes to star-studded events.


A tennis necklace, also referred to as an eternity necklace, is a full strand of diamonds or other gems that form a complete circle around the neck. This necklace style first became popular back in the 1980s and has stayed timeless through the years, often being styled by fashion moguls and celebrities worldwide. Tennis necklaces are often 16” to 20” in length and come in white gold or platinum metals, but you can occasionally find them in yellow or rose gold as well. They come in a variety of styles including tapered, graduated stones or with matching sized diamonds across the whole length of the necklace. Depending on your personal style, you can find tennis necklaces in ‘Y’ style pendant versions, chokers, or long, cascading strands with large center stones.

The tennis necklace can be dressed up for a formal red carpet event or worn as a classic, everyday accessory and can be worn by either men or women. The simple, easy look of a tennis necklace makes it the perfect accessory for wearing with a unique t-shirt and jeans, or with an evening gown and heels. Tennis necklaces provide a clean, modern look with the focus being on the gorgeous showcased diamonds.


tristan thompson kate bosworth nina dobrev celebrity style


Above: Tristan Thompson styling multiple tennis necklaces, Kate Bosworth rocking a dainty, simple style, and Nina Dobrev wearing a classic tennis necklace amongst an evening out with Vampire Diaries co-stars.


The downside of tennis necklaces is that they often come with a hefty price tag. The great option for shoppers looking to buy a tennis necklace now is to create a stunning, lab-grown diamond necklace at a fraction of the cost. You will most likely find high quality, authentic tennis necklaces ranging anywhere from $25,000 and up to millions. At MiaDonna, you can build your own 10.0ctw lab-grown diamond tennis necklace at $18,500. Not only is this a budget friendly alternative to the high priced luxury accessory, it’s completely conflict-free and ethical, and did we mention beautiful? What more could you ask for?


lab grown diamond tennis necklace


Shop the lab-grown diamond half tennis necklace now for the perfect addition to your collection of classic fine jewelry pieces.