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Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold is trending and those who like it, LOVE it. Rose gold is a metal that pairs perfectly with lab grown diamonds, as it complements their beauty without stealing the limelight, and pairs equally well with other lab created gemstones. It’s subtle, intensely feminine, and mixes well with other metal types and colors. Rose gold was first popularized in the 1920s, and while it’s experiencing a new surge in popularity, it certainly isn’t a modern trend that will go away any time soon! Here are just three of the reasons couples love rose gold engagement rings.


Rose Gold Offers A Vintage Look and Feel with a Modern Touch


Rose gold is a metal that looks good on any ring style, be it a vintage, traditional, or modern. It accents intricate vintage styles without looking as old-fashioned as some yellow gold styles can. It is a beautiful transition metal on rings that use multiple gold colors, and is right on trend without being overdone and seen on all your friends’ hands.


If you’re looking for a rose gold diamond ring, you can choose from a simple single-stone traditional setting to something more intricate. The rose gold will show the details on the ring and emphasize each of the small diamonds set around the center stone while keeping the soft, romantic look.

If you’re not sure what style to choose, we’ve shared a few favorites in a blog post which will show you some of the best rose gold engagement rings and wedding sets available.


MiaDonna's Novia Rose Gold Engagement ring with diamond halo accents and a pink champagne sapphire center stone

Rose Gold Compliments Many Skin Tones and Stone Colors


Rose gold is a metal that complements almost every skin tone. White gold and platinum can wash out pale skin tones, and some yellow gold blends in with similar skin undertones, but rose gold generally makes your skin tone look warm and healthy.


A rose gold engagement ring is a great choice for showcasing a lab grown diamond center stone or a colored gemstone. Some of our favorite lab-grown center stones to feature in a rose gold setting are champagne sapphires, alexandrite, and emeralds.


It is worth noting that, due to the copper content, some people are allergic to rose gold so it’s worth thinking about whether or not rose gold is suitable if you or your fiancé have allergies to other metals.


MiaDonna Traditional Rose Gold Engagement Ring with lab created pink sapphire

Rose Gold is More Durable Than Yellow or White Gold


Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy which means it’s more durable than white or yellow gold, which becomes softer the higher the Karat. While it’s not as strong as platinum, it’s a more affordable precious metal with unique coloring and one that varies depending on how much pure gold is in it. An 18K rose gold engagement ring will be softer and less pink than one that’s 14K, which will have a richer pink shade.


While a higher Karat gold engagement ring is beautiful and oftentimes considered more luxurious than lower Karat golds, they will need more maintenance and care, and so are a little less wearable on a day-to-day basis for some brides to be, depending on their lifestyle. With rose gold, you don’t have to get it dipped like white gold or worry about it getting damaged like high-Karat yellow gold. To maintain a rose gold ring, all you need to do is clean it regularly and polish it with a soft cloth, so it makes a perfect choice for anyone who wants the freedom to wear their engagement ring at all times.


MiaDonna Daci Rose Gold Engagement Ring with diamond center stone


As if you needed even more reasons to go with rose gold, see our top 10 unique and affordable rose gold engagement rings. Additionally, any of our buildable engagement rings can be made in rose gold.


MiaDonna Team

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