Top 10 Unique & Affordable Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Article by MiaDonna

Engagement ring styles are getting more unique and dreamy by the minute, and what better way to make your lab grown diamond engagement ring one of a kind than to choose Rose Gold as your metal color? If you need some inspiration, check out our list of our top rose gold engagement rings.


Luxury Antique Rose Gold Engagement Ring


Inspired by Tiffany & Co.'s Legacy Engagement Ring, the Luxury Antique Engagement Ring is a stunning design that features a cushion cut lab grown diamond center stone accented by beautiful antique mill-grain and beading details. This striking ring in rose gold will emphasize and truly highlight the center stone!


Drew Rose Gold Engagement Ring


The Drew Accented Engagement Ring, inspired by Drew Barrymore's engagement ring to Will Kopelman, is a petite style that looks amazing with any shape lab grown diamond center stone. The delicate and soft rose gold metal color matches well with the channel set diamonds on the band.


Grace Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring


If you are looking for a ring with clean lines and Vintage and Antique beauty, the Grace Vintage Engagement Ring is the perfect representation of this style. This ring showcases a round cut lab grown diamond center stone beautifully in a unique flower design that is accented with diamonds. Choose rose gold as your metal color to make it uniquely you!


Luxe Accented Rose Gold Wedding Ring Set


The Luxe Accented Engagement Ring is a classic halo design with unique touches, which are even more beautiful with a feminine rose gold color. The lab grown diamond center stone is set in a cushion shaped halo accented with diamonds going halfway around the band. The hand carved filigree beneath the center stone definitely completes this beautiful design!


Tory Solitaire Rose Gold Engagement Ring


The Tory Solitaire Engagement Ring is a stunning Antique design, that can be made a little more modern with the rose gold metal. This engagement ring has delicate filigree details throughout the shank and is a beautiful presentation of the cushion cut lab grown diamond center stone.


Luxury Antique Rose Gold Wedding Ring Set


Why make just the engagement ring rose gold when you can have your entire wedding set in rose gold? The Luxury Antique Engagement Ring has a matching wedding band, but it must be crafted with the engagement ring to ensure they’re a perfect match. You’ll even receive a 10% discount off the band when purchased together! You can never have too much rose gold...


Marilyn Accented Rose Gold Engagement Ring


Dainty and delicate, the best way to describe the Marilyn in rose gold. The Marilyn is a beautiful Accented Engagement Ring with classic styling. The lab created diamond center stone is set in a traditional prong head, with diamonds that go approximately 3/4 around the slightly squared shank.


Maverick Two Tone Rose Gold Engagement Ring


Mix it up and choose two metal colors to really stand out! The Maverick Two Tone Engagement Ring features an oval cut lab grown diamond center stone in a 4 prong head accented by diamonds on a smooth plain metal shank. This ring can be finished in two-tone or single tone in your favorite metal type, choosing between Yellow, Rose or White Gold.


Unity Rose Gold Engagement Ring


The Unity Engagement Ring is a beautiful design inspired by the Tiffany & Co. Harmony Engagement Ring. Choose a round cut lab created diamond center stone for this gorgeous engagement ring and rose gold for that extra touch.


Traditional Solitaire Rose Gold Engagement Ring


Sometimes, simple is better. The Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring is inspired by the Tiffany Solitaire Engagement Ring. This ring has a classic style prong head that holds the lab-grown diamond center stone on a delicate rounded edge shank which narrows at the head. Even with a simple and classic Solitaire, choose rose gold to make it yours and unique.



If these engagement rings aren’t enough to persuade you, browse our entire selection of engagement rings to find your dream ring! And if those aren’t enough, we can craft you a totally custom engagement ring based on your wildest dreams.