4 Reasons Women are Buying Their Own Diamond Rings

Article by MiaDonna

When it comes to purchasing a diamond ring, no matter the occasion, people may tend to imagine a man as the one entering the store and ultimately swiping his own credit card. But that notion is a thing of the past. Today, upwards of 50% of women are purchasing fine jewelry for themselves, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. MiaDonna has always stood for empowering women globally, whether they’re running the board room or raising a family in a diamond mining community, so of course, we applaud all the ladies who are embracing the notion that it’s alright to buy yourself a gorgeous diamond ring.


Whether purchasing a right-hand ring, or your own engagement ring, here are 4 reasons why women are embracing the self-purchasing trend.


Celebrating Personal and Professional Milestones


We know that all accomplishments require hard work and dedication and we think everyone should shout from the rooftops “I did it”. Women are bad-asses and having a special piece of jewelry is a long lasting, visual reminder of the blood, sweat and tears that went into the achievement. It can also give encouragement to keep going the next time difficulties arise.

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Success is no Longer Represented by Your Relationship Status


It wasn’t so long ago when women went to college to get their "MRS. degree" and success was measured by having a spouse and 2 kids. In today’s society it’s OK to be independent and single. It’s even admirable that women are no longer willing to settle for a significant other who isn’t worthy of their greatness. With that independence comes empowerment. Women are telling society we don’t need a man to buy us a ring; we can do it ourselves. A decade ago, a woman might hide the fact that her diamond didn’t come from a guy, but today she is proudly displaying her self-purchase.

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Blurred Lines


Gender roles are becoming a thing of the past. Almost 10% of men are now opting to be stay-at-home dads and 40% of women are now the “breadwinners” in their family. This shift also means women are no longer waiting for permission to make purchases with the money their significant other brings home. Women are working harder than ever at their jobs and for their families. When they see something they want, they simply buy it for themselves instead of waiting for someone else to gift it to them.

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Get Exactly What You Want


Women aren’t settling in their relationships, so why would they settle on a piece of fine jewelry. When the jewelry buying is left to someone else, it leaves room for interpretation. Does the other person know the size of the lab grown diamond or gemstone she wants? Do they know the preferences of gold color? By purchasing it herself, she’s guaranteed to get exactly what she wants.

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Now that we know why women are purchasing their own rings, it’s time to find yourself a dream ring. Browse our entire collection of conflict free diamond rings.