5 Ways to Save on Your Engagement Ring or Right Hand Ring

Article by Nicole

During difficult times, it’s important to celebrate the special people in your life. Whether it’s with an engagement ring or a cherished gift, we’re here to help you show your affection to the ones you love without breaking the bank. Consider these 5 aspects that can help you save on an engagement ring or right hand ring.

Lab-Grown Diamonds 

Lab-grown diamonds are 100% identical to earth-mined diamonds, but are 30-40% less expensive. This means you can get a larger diamond for your budget, or stick with the carat size you planned and save money. No one will know it’s lab-grown unless you tell them.


 save on an engagement ring and lab grown diamonds


Lab-grown gemstones are not only trendy, but they are also a great way to save money.  At only $395 USD per carat, this is a great way to stretch your budget.  We offer the finest lab-created Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, and Alexandrites in a variety of shapes and sizes.


save on an engagement ring and lab grown gemstones

Diamond Hybrid

Priced at $295 per carat, the Diamond Hybrid® makes an excellent “place holder” center stone. This diamond simulant has a crystal core and an infusion of enhanced lab-grown diamond on the outer layer. It’s important to note that since a Diamond Hybrid® is not a lab-grown diamond, it has a hardness of 8.8 (diamonds have a hardness of 10), but it is nearly twice as hard as cubic zirconia.  You can also upgrade this stone to a Lab-Grown Diamond in the future using our buy-back program!


Save on an engagement ring and Diamond Hybrids

Metal Type

People often forget that certain metal types can add costs to your ring, now and in the future.  To save money, stick with 14K yellow or rose gold. White gold gets its color from a coating of Rhodium and must be “redipped” every 9-12 months to maintain its color.  

18K gold is a more pure form of gold and contains fewer alloys than 14K. However, 18K gold will cost you more upfront, and because it has fewer alloys it is softer than 14K. This can result in more bends and damage to the shape of the ring, which will require repairs later on.

Unlike white gold, platinum will give you the silver/gray color and will not fade, but it will cost you about 20% more than white gold. However, if the wearer is allergic to nickel, then platinum is the way to go.

Save on an engagement ring and Recycled Metal Rings

Free Services

It’s important to understand the service fees associated with a company. For example, MiaDonna offers free domestic shipping, 30-day returns and 90-day re-sizing. If you will have to pay for these services out of pocket, you’ll need to include that in the overall cost of the ring.

Save on conflict free engagement rings