8 Trending Lab Created Champagne Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Rings for Every Kind of Bride

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Are you looking for a conflict-free engagement ring that is unique yet still packs a major punch? Consider the stunning champagne sapphire; a romantic, subtle gemstone option for the bride that wants something a little different from the traditional diamond. Champagne sapphires are a beautiful peachy-pink shade, with hints of rose and shimmery champagne emerging. It is the ultimate feminine option without being overtly girly. The delicate balance of hues suits all skin tones and can be set in any metal type due to its versatility. While we do especially love the champagne sapphire in rose gold, you can customize your ring however you like! And like all gemstones at MiaDonna, these stunning champagne sapphires are lab-grown and conflict-free! Here are a few of our top trending champagne sapphire engagement rings, for every type of style!


PRO TIP - All of these rings make beautiful right-hand rings as well!



For those who like a new take on a classic, the Carma engagement ring is perfect. Featuring two tapered baguette diamond stones, this ring has all the elements that make it both traditional and modern. If you are the type of person with an active lifestyle, and a simple, classic taste but have a bit of edge as well, consider the Carma! With an emerald cut champagne sapphire center stone, this ring just might be a winner.



If you love listening to old records and finding antiques at flea markets excites you, then take a look at our Paris engagement ring! With a beautiful antique halo design, the Paris ring is exactly what a vintage bride is looking for. In addition to the stunning champagne sapphire center stone, this ring also has beautiful recycled diamonds accenting the flank, giving this gorgeous antique some extra sparkle.



The champagne sapphire gemstone is already a very feminine stone, and together with the Venetian engagement ring, it is a match made in girly girl heaven! This petite cushion shaped halo ring is ideal for those who enjoy all things womanly and wonderful. This classic ring exudes femininity, and has that extra special something with diamonds in the shank. This ring also has a matching wedding band!



For the no frills type of girl, the Dior engagement ring is beautiful in its simplicity. An elegant option, made even more stunning by the champagne sapphire gemstone, this ring speaks for itself. No bells and whistles required for this ring (or this woman!) Due to its simplicity, this ring style would look particularly beautiful in the rose gold metal.



The Selma engagement ring is quirky, edgy and unique—the perfect engagement ring for those who like to stand out in a crowd. With triangle cut side stones and of course, a sparkling champagne sapphire center stone, the Selma doesn’t look like any other ring you’ve seen before, which makes it perfect for a trendsetter.



There is something about the Chorus engagement ring that feels very fresh and modern, without being over the top. That’s why this ring is perfect for the fashion-forward bride. The Chorus presents a chic take on a classic ring style by incorporating two bat set tapered baguette diamond side stones as accents. This presents the perfect balance of contemporary style with understated elegance, for a ring that will hit all the right notes for a woman with a passion for fashion.



It takes a special kind of woman to gravitate toward a traditional cathedral style solitaire engagement ring with a basket head in this modern 21st century world. She is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and finds value in tradition. She will probably wear a veil down the aisle and believes there is beauty in doing things in the conventional and classic way. By selecting a champagne sapphire center stone, this ring allows the wearer to experiment a bit while still maintaining that key element of tradition that is so important to her.



This is a big, bold, sparkling ring for a woman with a big, bold personality. The Novia, with its double cushion shaped halo and diamond accented shank is an eye-catcher and a jaw-dropper. It is for those women who love to be the belle of the ball and enjoy looking and feeling fabulous. This ring is not for the faint of heart or those who think less is more. The Novia is for a “more is more” type of woman, and with a champagne sapphire as the center stone, this ring is a showstopper.