Benefits Man Made Diamonds Have on the Planet

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Written by Mia Berard

As Earth Day quickly approaches, we want to take the time to share the benefits of choosing man made diamonds, and as a result, the positive impact you have on the planet. As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Shouldn’t your best friend have the same ethical values as you? Conflict-free diamonds are the solution to this dilemma.

Over the last 70 years, people have fallen, possibly unknowingly, into the antiquated “diamond is forever” marketing scheme. This stigma has trained our minds to synonymously associate diamonds with love. Nobody wants to puts a price on love, but consumers continue to feel the need to pay an arm and a leg for engagement rings reflective of the love they share with their significant other. By choosing an ethical engagement ring, you show your love for your partner and the Earth.

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Here are five benefits conflict-free diamonds have on the planet:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The term “a diamond is forever” has led us to believe that there is no diamond resale value , that each diamond is unique to every woman. While there is beauty behind that statement, it can inhibit diamonds from returning to the market. There is no shame in reusing a diamond. In fact, MiaDonna customers have been know to set their pre-owned heirloom diamonds in new settings. Additionally, some of our settings also feature recycled natural diamonds that would otherwise have no use. Share the love! Spread the love!

2. Reduces Fossil Fuels

Holey Moley! Some of the largest holes dug in the Earth are from diamond mines. To extract these gemstones with heavy machinery requires immense amounts of fossil fuels and disruption of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Choosing conflict-free diamonds eliminates this interruption in the environment.

3. Saves Entire Ecosystems

Let’s help out Mother Nature. The destruction of ecosystems reaches far beyond the holes that are dug in the Earth as a result of diamond mining. Lab-created diamonds are vegan, while mined diamonds are not. Entire ecosystems and communities have been put in danger. To put this into perspective, the creation of a single diamond mine in India requires 492,000 trees to be cut down.

4. Using Renewable Energy to Grow

Year-by-year, diamond mining remains less sustainable, whereas growing diamonds is becoming more sustainable. Many diamond growers are already using renewable energy to grow diamonds and multiple diamond production facilities are under construction in areas where renewable power is available.

5. Peace on Earth

Lab-grown diamonds are totally conflict-free and in many ways create peace. Man made diamonds are ethically sourced from laboratories, so you know exactly where they come from. These diamonds are untainted by violence and mining, keeping with strict labor and environmental standards.They do not contribute to the bloodshed in diamond mining communities nor war-torn countries. By choosing a MiaDonna man made diamond, you in turn support diamond mining communities and build a safer, peaceful future for these individuals.