The Best Diamond Alternatives for Engagement Rings

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Earth-mined diamonds are SO last century. We’re more interested in the beautiful diamond alternative engagement rings available in today’s industry. Obviously, we’re huge fans of lab-grown diamonds as a substitute for earth-mined gems, but today’s couples have many options to choose from for a non-diamond center stone. From royal blue sapphires to vivid red rubies, purple alexandrites to pink sapphires, and our certified Diamond Hybrid® Simulant, there are so many options to choose from in creating a beautiful diamond alternative engagement ring.


While diamonds have skyrocketed in price since they were coined as a “girl’s best friend” in a musical from the late 1940s, they also come with countless ethical and environmental concerns. Now that the fine jewelry industry has incorporated lab-created stones, there are so many beautiful options for engagement rings that younger generations are embracing in their jewelry and commitments to one another.



Lab-grown diamonds are identical to earth-mined diamonds in every way down to the chemical, physical and optical levels, but actually lab-grown diamonds take clarity and quality to an even higher level. Diamonds fall into two different types when determining hardness, color, and clarity; Type Ia and Type IIa. At MiaDonna, all of our lab-grown diamonds are Type IIa, which means they are brighter and harder than 97% of earth-mined diamonds. Pair that with the 25-40% lower cost over a comparable earth-mined diamond, and created diamonds make an excellent choice for your engagement ring.


We also carry the most beautiful lab-grown gemstones at an excellent price point with stunning color and clarity. We are proud to offer many alternatives to earth-mined diamonds in engagement rings including:


  • lab-grown Sapphires (blue, pink, champagne, pink champagne)
  • lab-grown Padparadschas
  • lab-grown Alexandrite
  • lab-grown Rubies
  • lab-grown Emeralds.


Gemstones are rich and vibrant in color and can have multiple meanings in engagement rings. Our lab-grown gemstones are selected for their beautiful hues and stunning clarity. Sapphires are a traditional engagement stone (images of Princess Diana’s ring come to mind), but other gemstones have risen in popularity as well! Emeralds, with their stunning green hues, are meant to support healing and good fortune. Rubies are gemstones of wealth and wisdom, and were believed to represent the power of life. Alexandrite, a gorgeous teal and purple stone, is said to embody two contrasting emotions or personas, a beautiful gemstone to represent blending and coming together. Padparadscha is a delicate orange/pink hued stone from the sapphire family and is said to represent and bring calmness and creativity. No matter the gemstone of your choice, you can create the perfect personalized ring to celebrate your love for another, forever.


If you envision having a diamond center stone one-day, but can’t justify the cost today, we recommend our Diamond Hybrid®. This colorless stone has a crystal core with an infusion of enhanced synthetic diamond on the outer layer. It is not as hard as a diamond, scoring an 8.8 (out of 10) on the MOHS scale, but they can make a great “place holder” for a future lab-grown diamond. With our unique upgrade program, we will buy back your Diamond Hybrid® at the original purchase price when you put it toward a lab-grown diamond of greater value.

Making your engagement ring unique and personalized is easier than ever with the many available diamond alternatives. Whether you’re looking for a color that stands out from the rest, or a beautiful colorless option, our Personal Shoppers can find the perfect center stone for you.