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Top 14 Stunning Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

Top 14 Stunning Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

Top 14 Stunning Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

There are countless things to consider when selecting an engagement ring, from the metal used in the band to the type and cut of the stone. Make sure your proposal is a magical moment by choosing the perfect, ethical engagement ring for your partner. But don’t forget one of the most important things – is it conflict-free?


Opt for an ethical engagement ring and ensure that love, compassion, and happiness are all that your ring represents. At MiaDonna, we use only Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones when forging our conflict-free engagement rings. You can trust in our conscientious process and feel proud to wear a ring you know has caused no harm.


Keep reading for some of our favorite eco-friendly engagement rings to help you create the fairytale engagement your loved one deserves.




Inspired by nature and created through sustainable methods, the Eden is a favorite amongst those who care for the environment. It features a tightly twisted shank with leaf-shaped designs set with Lab-Grown Diamonds for added glitz. You can personalize this ring by choosing the metal used in the band, from Yellow, White, or Rose Gold.


Eden Nature Inspired Engagement Ring: Starting at $995 (setting only)



Though three stone rings are traditionally purchased for anniversaries, they make excellent engagement rings too, as they embody the beauty of your life together before, during, and after your engagement. The stunning Amabella has three round-cut stones surrounded by a spectacular halo of Lab-Grown Diamonds.


Amabella Stackable Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,795 (setting only)



Choose your favorite stone and select the cut, from Cushion, Round, Oval, Pear, and more. This ring accents your stunning stone with a halo of Lab-Grown Diamonds that stretch down the shank of the wedding band. The stuff of fairytales, make your loved one the Heroine of your story with this luxurious ring.


Heroine Accented Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,695 (setting only)



The Matilda is a unique engagement ring inspired by the beauty of nature. A center stone of your choice is framed by a stunning floral halo, creating a bloom that represents prosperity and growth. Your eco-conscious partner will adore this sustainable ring that embodies Mother Nature’s gifts to this Earth.


Matilda Halo Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)



The Venetian Stackable Engagement Ring is a petite cushion-shaped halo set ring with Lab-Grown Diamonds circling the center stone. These ethical Lab-Grown Diamonds extend more than halfway around the band’s thin and delicate shank. With flat sides, it will sit flush with any straight wedding band and has space for even more to be stacked.


Venetian Stackable Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,350 (setting only)



Hidden halo engagement rings seamlessly blend subtlety with luxury. The Clara Engagement Ring features a hidden halo of 0.16ct Lab-Grown Diamonds elevating your center stone, adding depth to the ring's design. A delicate groove wraps around the outer and inner band, extending down the shank.


Clara Hidden Halo Engagement Ring: Starting at $950 (setting only)



This opulent set includes two rings that complement each other perfectly. It has an antique halo around a stone of your choice, cut in cushion, round, or oval. The intricate detailing seen on this ring showcases your center stone to the highest degree, with a matching eco-friendly wedding band that will sit flush.


Paris Stackable Ring Set: Starting at $2,010 (setting only)



The Zoe Engagement Ring features your preferred Oval Cut center stone framed by an exquisite halo of Lab-Grown Diamonds and milgrain detailing. This eye-catching ring resembles a flower, with two bold and beautiful accenting Lab-Grown Diamonds on either side of the center stone.


Zoe Halo Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)



This nature-inspired engagement ring has a floral design that blossoms just like your love for each other does. This antique-style ring is made with a bezel-set stone of your choice, surrounded by elegant accenting Lab-Grown Diamonds in the halo and band. This sweet design is one of our favorite ethical diamond rings.


Ivy Antique Halo Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,250 (setting only)



Traditionally, three stone rings are bought for anniversaries, representing the past, the present, and the future intertwined. The Isla showcases a basket-set Emerald Cut center stone, highlighted by smaller Emerald or Baguette Cut stones on either side. Select the stones of your choice so this ring blends seamlessly with your partner’s tastes.


Cecelia Three Stone Engagement Ring: Starting at $795 (setting only)



A large Oval Cut center stone in a milgrain bezel is displayed prominently within an antique-style halo of Lab-Grown Diamonds. This ring is bold, beautiful, and unique, with intricate floral detailing underneath the basket. As it has a low profile setting, it is a popular choice for those who live more active lifestyles.


Arya Antique Style Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,150 (setting only)



With a smooth high-polished band contrasting against your chosen center stone, the Millie makes sure it is the star of the show. As it features a gorgeous hidden halo of Lab-Grown Diamonds, this ring looks different each way you look at it, revealing an extra dimension of depth with even the slightest change of angle.


Millie Hidden Halo Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)



Choose the Cecelia for incredible detailing and depth of design like no other. It is a vintage-style engagement ring with intricate hand engraving and milgrain detailing along the shank. Your center stone sits atop a beautiful hidden halo of Lab-Grown Diamonds and is accented delicately by two side stones.


Cecelia Three Stone Engagement Ring: Starting at $2,295 (setting only)



The Elodie is a classic engagement ring that features a cushion-cut center stone, subtly highlighted by two Lab-Grown Diamonds, one on either side. This is one of our more affordable conflict-free wedding rings and is perfect for people who live active lifestyles as it has a sleek and smooth shank.


Elodie Engagement Ring: Starting at $750 (setting only)




At MiaDonna, we prioritize the environment and communities of the world by using recycled precious metals and Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones to create all of our jewelry. Lab-Grown Diamonds are chemically, optically and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds, but they reduce the environmental impact, don’t cause harm to diamond-mining communities globally, and are much more affordable. Show your partner the depth of your environmental awareness by choosing an eco-friendly engagement ring to solidify your love for one another.


MiaDonna Team

MiaDonna is the world’s first retailer exclusively selling Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones, created in 2005 by a mother determined to free families from a lifetime of poverty and mining. We specialize in designer-style fine jewelry that is beautiful, sustainable, and affordable. We are B-Corp certified, environmentally responsible, and donate 10% of profits to support communities negatively impacted by diamond and gold mining. MiaDonna is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and ships to all 50 states plus more than 30 countries internationally.