Top 6 Reasons Not to Choose 'Natural' Diamonds

Article by MiaDonna

Earth-mined or “natural” diamonds are considered one of the most valuable resources on Earth, but at what cost? They are often associated with the happiest day of a person's life, but are also the root cause of suffering for countless communities across the globe. Did you know that there is an alternative that doesn’t support the mining of blood diamonds?


Read on for the top six reasons not to support the ‘natural' diamond industry.


It supports human suffering.


From Zimbabwe to the Central African Republic, tens of thousands of innocent civilians, including infants, are tortured, raped, and brutally murdered. But how is this related to the diamonds you wear? Rebel groups that use conflict diamonds as a source of funding can continue their reign of terror when diamonds are bought and sold. And this isn’t just a problem from the past; it’s still happening today.

When you purchase an Earth-mined diamond ring from a department store, the diamonds probably came from a rebel-led diamond mine. Even when labeled 'conflict-free' there is no guarantee that the profits from these diamonds aren't used to fund child-slavery regimes. This means that each and every purchase of natural diamonds could originate from conflict-ridden communities, supporting horrific agendas.

diamond mine with child labor in unethical harsh working conditions

It relies on unregulated working conditions.


The fate of those working in the diamond mines is equally as bleak. In addition to being grossly underpaid for their work, many miners work in extremely dangerous situations, risking their lives for luxury diamonds. Unregulated conditions, a lack of the appropriate safety equipment, and proper tools lead to daily fatalities. But the voices of the people who suffer remain silenced by the desire for diamonds.

open pit diamond mine which caused harm to the surrounding environment

It damages the environment.


When diamond mines are set up in environmentally fragile ecosystems, the ecological footprint left is huge. In Canada, the mining of diamonds leads to the destruction or loss of animal habitats and excessive waste. Local wildlife pays the price as toxins are leached into the water, contaminating once fresh reserves. As natural diamond mining produces substantially more waste than Lab-Grown Diamonds, the preferred choice for the environmentally conscious is clear.


The earth is not making any more diamonds and humans have nearly mined all of the generally accessible ones. This means mining companies are moving into more remote locations to find new deposits of diamonds, even the ocean. This is creating even more irreversible environmental destruction.

us dollar bills

Profits are used to fund wars.


Economic sanctions may be imposed on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, but their profits from the diamond trade slip under the radar. As the Russian Federation owns one-third of Alrosa PJSC, the largest diamond miner in the world, the diamond industry is inadvertently funding war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine. The natural diamond trade is largely unregulated, meaning consumers can remain blissfully unaware of the war crimes they might be supporting through luxury purchases.

ukraine russian conflict shown with tanks on a residential street

It produces expensive diamonds.


The journey of an Earth-mined diamond is long and costly, with each diamond changing hands around 20 times, sometimes traveling across five continents. Lab-Grown Diamonds on the other hand, have far less touch points and handoffs in their journey from lab to consumer. This means that the cost of Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. natural diamonds is much more affordable. They cost roughly 40% less, while still being physically, chemically, and optically identical to Earth-mined diamonds.


There is an ethical solution.


Though diamond companies have launched conflict-free diamond campaigns, there is little evidence of the difference. But don’t stress – it is possible to experience the beauty and luxury of diamonds without participating in the horrors of the natural diamond trade. Lab-Grown Diamonds are the ethical choice for those seeking exceptional elegance and unmatched quality without the inflated price tag. MiaDonna was the first to pioneer the ethical Lab-Grown Diamond jewelry industry; our company was founded in 2005 and has been at the forefront of the evolution of Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones from their earliest beginnings to the highest levels of quality available today.


When considering lab-created diamonds vs. ‘natural’ diamonds, Lab-Grown wins every time. No ring is worth more than a human life.