Top 8 Best Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

Article by MiaDonna

With our headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, we are constantly surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. From weekend hikes to our favorite waterfalls, to the gorgeous evergreens outside our office windows, appreciating Mother Nature is part of our daily routine.


Is your partner a nature lover? Have we got the jewelry for you! Whether she’s looking for a ring that is gold and bold or dainty with diamonds, you can find the best nature inspired rings here.




This graceful, ethereal ring has a twisted, band set with recycled diamond that resembles weaving vines and leaves. Inspired by Mother Earth and perfect for a nature lover, this ring is truly exquisite.


Eden Engagement Ring: Starting at $926 (setting only)




Created in the style of a symmetrical flower, the Grace embodies natural perfection. Exuding antique beauty with a delicate feel, this unique wedding ring design is a must-have for the botanic blessing in your life.


Grace Vintage Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,037 (setting only)




At first glance, the Harper ring may look much like many others, but when you take a closer look you see that its design comes straight from nature. The four Lab Grown Diamond marquise cut side stones frame the center stone just like beautiful petals would.


Harper Accented Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,375 (setting only)




Not your traditional solitaire engagement ring, the Tory has vines etched into the squared-off shank as if they were growing around the finger itself. This intricate detailing complements the dazzling center stone as they blend together brilliantly.


Tory Solitaire Engagement Ring: Starting at $683 (setting only)




This one-of-a-kind butterfly ring features two small butterflies on either side of the center stone, accenting the beauty of the Lab Grown Diamond or Gemstone. A path of channel bead-set recycled diamonds sets a path down the detailed band.


Charisma Butterfly Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,181 (setting only)




The band of the Lotus engagement ring is like no other. Inspired by a flower that is just about to bloom with the petals slowly beginning to part, Lab Grown Diamonds adorn the sides and accentuate the round cut center stone which sits atop the four-prong head.


Lotus Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,276 (setting only)




A true masterpiece, the Vine features two accented bands sitting parallel to a plain metal band that twists around your choice of center stone like a vine. This ring can be made featuring two metal colors, or just one.


Vine Two-Tone Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,736 (setting only)




Set your favorite stone as the centerpiece, surrounded by a halo of Lab Grown Diamonds with the Flora. Whatever your loved one’s favorite color or flower may be, you can mimic the gifts of nature with this ring.


Flora Vintage Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,929 (setting only)





Choosing an engagement ring that perfectly reflects your loved ones’ interests and passions will make this day even more special. Your engagement can only happen once, so make sure you’ve thought of every little detail when choosing their promise ring.