December Featured Gem: The Champagne Sapphire

Article by Linley

With the color of morganite and the hardness of corundum, our Lab Grown Champagne Sapphires have a rich brilliance and beauty that is unique among colored gems.

The champagne sapphire’s peachy pink hue is highly sought after, but we also offer a beautiful pastel pink champagne sapphire for more emphasis on the pink tones. This stone is hard enough for daily wear, but like all precious gemstones we do encourage exercising caution during certain activities that could potentially damage this beautiful stone.

lab grown gemstones

Champagne Sapphires are a great alternative to diamond center stones in engagement rings, especially if you love pink and just want something simple, yet distinct.

They add a wonderful pop of color, and definitely different than the typical engagement ring! We love the softness, romance, and shine that these stones bring to any piece of jewelry.

Another alternative is setting a Champagne Sapphire in a stunning pendant or earrings for everyday wear. This is a great option for those who maybe aren’t a fan of rings, or just prefer having a statement piece as a necklace. There are many ways to wear this gem, and any way you choose, it will be a show stopper!

lab created gemstones

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