Our Ethical Jewelry Gift Ideas for The Holiday Season

Article by MiaDonna

Our jewelry isn’t just meant to make you feel gorgeous, although, that is one of the main reasons... It’s also meant to represent the beautiful earth we live on, the other lives affected by our choices, and to highlight the ethical alternative of lab grown diamonds. Now that the holiday season is in full swing, gifting presents and stocking stuffers has its own set of challenges... How do you know that what you’re purchasing, is good for the environment? Are you just stuck on what to get one of your relatives or friends now that time is running out?


Luckily, we have ready-to-ship items available for those last-minute gifters, and they are all items that you can truly feel good about gifting this year. With no environmental effects or consequences, you can feel confident in where your present came from! Here are some ethical jewelry gift ideas for this holiday season.



Our classic Bezel Pendant is set with a 1.5ct Round Brilliant center stone on a 16 inch, 1.4mm 14K Rose Gold chain, and is simply perfect. A staple necklace that is classic through any decade, this will make a wonderful present for any of your loved ones. The rose gold is distinct and different, but can still go with any outfit or style.



You truly can’t go wrong when it comes to jewelry with hearts… And that is especially true for our Diamond Heart Bangle Bracelet. You can really wear your heart on your sleeve with this bangle. Small and dainty enough to go with anything from other bracelets and watches, to adding an additional pop of sparkle alongside rings or necklaces, it’s a wonderful accessory to add to any jewelry collection.



We adore these Diamond Halo Stud Earrings and the uniqueness of them for any occasion! The best part about these exquisite earrings? They feature Diamond Hybrid center stones surrounded by a stunning halo of recycled natural diamonds. You can be absolutely certain these are one-of-a-kind and elegant, just like the person receiving them!



For something that says a little more, how about the Amore Necklace. This necklace is perfect by itself or layered with multiple necklaces. It’s accented by natural recycled diamonds and a lovely rose gold chain, and is ready to ship as soon as you order. Such a gorgeous accessory!



Check out our Everyday Gift Guide here for more items you can feel good about gifting, for any price range. When it comes to the holidays, try and remember the origin of your gifts and how they can affect our world. There are so many wonderful and ethical alternatives to the typical holiday presents, and we’re glad to be on-board in creating iconic, beautiful lab grown diamonds.