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Featured Couple - Kristy and Joseph

Featured Couple - Kristy and Joseph

Featured Couple - Kristy and Joseph

Meet Kristy and Joseph, our latest featured couple! Believe it or not, this duo has known each other since 8th grade and even studied in high school and college together. Their story was born in Atlanta, Georgia and boy does it have a happy ending. Here’s their proposal story in Joseph’s own words.

“I always wanted to propose somewhere that held some special meaning for both of us. I thought about our classroom in middle school because it was where we met, became best friends, and had our first kiss. I also wanted it to happen there because I know that our story is relatively rare being that we met so young.

Featured Couple

I waited until the school let out for summer and one afternoon I approached the school office with my idea to propose in the exact classroom we met 11 years ago. When I asked the office staff if the school would allow this they erupted with enthusiasm as they had never seen anything like it in all their years working there.

My plan was for Kristy to be guided to the classroom by the office staff where all our family and friends would be waiting, sitting in the dark. There would be a single desk at the front of the classroom with a note for her (we passed notes religiously in that class in 8th grade)! I timed it so that once she finished reading the letter the film that I made her would start playing. Once I heard my cue, I would come in with roses and pop the question!”

Featured Couple

As for the ring, Joseph knew Kristy wanted a traditional Tiffany style engagement ring, especially one that was conflict-free. After trying the Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring as part of MiaDonna’s Home Try-On Program, they knew it was the one! As they say, the rest is history!

And how cute is this, they even made a proposal video for their middle school.

Featured couple


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