Featured Couple - Meet Christine and Edwin

Article by Bailey

Meet our March featured couple, Christine and Edwin Carranza. After commemorating their 20 year anniversary with an upgraded engagement ring from MiaDonna, this couple is passing on their wisdom and advice for all couples looking to have a successful and happy marriage. 

Both originally from Los Angeles, CA, Christine and Edwin met back in their high school days, but didn’t begin dating until a few years down the road. When Christine’s initial engagement ring was purchased, it was what the young couple could afford at the time, and still holds so many beautiful memories of their journey together and getting to where they are now. They purchased the engagement ring with the thought of one day, it would be upgraded to a Solitaire-style ring. Through window shopping many different places and researching lab grown diamonds instead of earth-mined, the couple decided to go with MiaDonna.

Christine says, “It started with us following MiaDonna on Instagram, and then seeing friends that had purchased Lab Grown and Diamond Hybrid Diamonds. We sat and talked about the difference and both agreed on the purchase of the Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring. It is a great compliment to my wedding band that once belonged to my Grandmother and was her 50th wedding anniversary band.”

20 years is an impressive milestone in our book, and we just had to hear what advice Christine and Edwin could pass on to all couples. “We believe that in order to have a long and successful marriage, first and foremost, there must be mutual respect, constant communication and a strong foundation. For us, our foundation stems from our Catholic faith. God is our rock our stronghold which binds our union and carries our family through the good and bad times. We believe in showing our children love just as God loves us and as husband and wife, we vow to show each other love every single day even in the littlest of things,” says Christine.

“Every marriage has it’s up and downs, but in order to stay successful, we believe that coming together through the trials and tribulations of life and letting each other know how we feel even if it may hurt the others feeling, is the key to success.”

Through the wildness of life and all it brings, Christine and Edwin still manage to make each other laugh daily and connect on mutual hobbies and interests such as sports; one of their favorite ways of spending genuine time together. Both big fans of the Oakland Raiders and LA Dodgers, sports have been a way to bring them closer together. They also love trying new, different types of food together and going to the movies. They’re both movie buffs, and love to laugh at their favorite parts and mimic scenes from their all time favorite movies.

March Featured Couple MiaDonna

At the end of the day, it’s important to just spent quality time with your spouse and continue laughing with each other each day! Marriage is a special bond, one that we all hope is everlasting. Congratulations to Christine and Edwin for continuing their beautiful love story and including MiaDonna in their journey. Now, onto the next 20 years!