Featured Couple - Meet Jana and Travis

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Jana and Travis, a lovely couple from South Denver, were kind enough to share their love story with us. Though they were connected after matching on a dating app, but it turns out that their story goes back further. They attended high schools in close proximity and were old time Myspace friends (remember those days?!). Travis also attended a Denver Nuggets games once and noticed Jana, who was a Nuggets Dancer at the time, run past him during the game. After matching on a dating app years later and becoming Facebook friends, Travis mustered up the courage to ask Jana out and the rest is history!

Three years later, the special day came along. After plans with friends for a double date fell through, Jana and Travis decided to have a date night and take the Light Rail into downtown to try a restaurant they’d been wanting to try. Jana noticed that Travis was acting quiet and nervous and after asking if he was okay he pulled her aside and lovingly proposed on legendary Larimer Street.

The couple chose the Hayley Engagement Ring because of its dainty yet glamorous look. They were attracted to MiaDonna because of our mission to contribute 5 percent of profits to support communities damaged in diamond mining communities. They also loved that they could get a flawless stone at an affordable price.

Jana and Travis plan on “eloping” in Portland’s Wahclella Falls with close friends and family next year. Congratulations on your proposal and best of luck with your upcoming wedding!

Featured Couple

Featured Couple

Photography by Lauren Leighton