How to Find A Lost Engagement Ring

Article by MiaDonna

You’re cleaning house or running errands, you glance at your left hand and dread sets in. “Where is my ring?!” You begin to panic and think back to where you could have left it. Your heart is pounding, you begin frantically searching your memories to think of where you last saw your ring, perhaps you google where you should start looking! Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few helpful tips to assist you in your search to recover your gorgeous engagement ring or wedding band.

how to find a lost engagement ring

First of all, don’t panic! It’s highly likely you’ll be able to find your ring with a little searching around the house. If you’re not sure which room you were in when you lost it, start in the bedroom and make your way through the house following these steps:


  • First, turn off the lights and check on the floor of your bedroom, closet, and bathroom with a flashlight (the one on your phone works fine). Keep your eyes open for a sparkle or light reflection. Check well in all corners.


  • Go around the room and check against the walls/trim, rings can easily hide in little crevices!


  • Slowly and carefully remove each blanket individually from your bed and lightly shake each one out on the floor (in a clear area) to see if it was tangled in your sheets or comforter.


  • Slowly remove pillow cases and check inside, corner to corner, to see if it happened to slide off inside the pillowcase while you were sleeping.


  • Check all edges of the bed near the frame, both on top of the mattress and around the feet of the frame. Consider removing the mattress to make sure it’s not between the mattress and box spring.


If you don’t find it in the bedroom, carefully go through the house using the flashlight trick. Also be sure to check on the counters in the bathroom and kitchen and look under the stove, refrigerator, and cabinets. If you still can’t find it, you can look into purchasing or renting a metal detector and then get to work searching every inch of your home.  


We recommend waiting about one year before getting a new ring, as you’ll likely find it before then. If you can’t wait that long, reach out to your insurance company to find out about your options for a replacement. In regard to keeping track of your rings, try to have a ring holder dish in your kitchen, in your bathroom, and on your nightstand or dresser to have convenient places to store your ring. Try not to sleep with your ring on, as the ring itself could slide off your finger and the stones can come loose by snagging on your bedding.

how to find a lost engagement ring

BONUS TIP: If you’re worried about losing your ring while on vacation, we recommend getting a Diamond Hybrid® ring to wear when traveling so you can keep your gorgeous engagement ring safe and sound.