Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Article by Linley

Today’s bride is all about style and personal touches. While white gold is still the recycled precious metal of choice when it comes to engagement rings and wedding ring sets, rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands are becoming increasingly more sought after. 

On Trend Style!

While it may seem like a whirlwind fad to some, we cannot get enough of the rose gold trend and can tell you it's here to stay. Combining both a vintage and modern look and feel, it's hard to not fall in love with the pink-hued metal. So, without further adieu, here's an exclusive look at our all-time favorite MiaDonna rose gold jewelry.

Crown Engagement Ring

If you're looking for a vintage-inspired design with milgrain beading and delicate details, you won't find a more fitting style than our Crown Engagement Ring. When crafted in Rose Gold, the antique-inspired design takes on a modern twist that'll look absolutely perfect on any skin tone.

Crown Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Basket Stud Earrings

As one of our best selling accessories, these Rose Gold Basket Stud Earrings feature 4-prongs making them extremely secure, yet delicate on the eye. We recommend these Basket Stud Earrings in 14k Rose Gold to anyone looking for a timeless gift for their loved one. 

Rose Gold Basket Stud Earrings

Burnside Two-Tone Wedding Set

Part of our two-tone collection, the Burnside Two-Tone Engagement Ring pictured below is the ideal balance of white and rose gold. Delicate details such as the leaf-like prongs draw your eye to the gorgeous center stone, while the subtle twist detailing on the shank helps to balance the overall usage of Rose Gold.

Burnside Two-Tone Wedding Set in Rose Gold

Crimson Accented Engagement Ring

We absolutely love the Crimson Accented Engagement Ring in Rose Gold. The 4-prong trellis setting featuring a thicker shank and accenting diamonds is absolutely timeless, no matter what recycled metal type you craft it in. 

Crimson Accented Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Heroine Accented Wedding Set

Words simply cannot sum up how we feel about this variation of our Heroine Accented Wedding Set. The Rose Gold setting paired with the natural recycled diamond accented stones and the MAGNIFICENT pear-cut lab-grown Padparadscha is absolute perfection. 

Heroine Wedding Set in Rose Gold

Did you know? 
Every ring at MiaDonna is customizable with the eco-friendly metal of your choice, you can easily create the rose gold engagement ring or wedding set you’ve always dreamed of.