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Top 10 Wedding Rom-Com Movies

Top 10 Wedding Rom-Com Movies

Top 10 Wedding Rom-Com Movies

One of our guilty pleasures, rom-coms. More specifically, wedding rom-coms! Light-hearted and sweet but often full of family and friend drama or a wedding disaster, these movies are easy watching and some of the best rom-coms made. Does anyone know if the engagement rings in these movies have lab-grown diamonds? We sure wish they did! Check out our list below of the top 10 feel-good wedding movies for your next movie night. 

The Wedding Singer

One of Adam Sandler’s best movies, The Wedding Singer hilariously shows how even the couple who was never meant to be together beat all odds and true love prevailed. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are an acting dream in this 90s comedy and work so well on the screen together. Set in 1985, the song throwbacks and fashion will remind you of a totally different time!


Ladies, if you haven’t watched Bridesmaids yet, it’s an absolute must! Highlighting the drama, struggles and friendships that come with planning a wedding, this movie might be the realest on the list. With Kristin Wiig playing the Maid of Honor to Maya Rudolph’s bride, this movie’s cast makes the funny moments even that much funnier.

Top 10 Wedding Rom Coms Bridesmaids

Photo above: Courtesy of The New York Times

My Best Friend’s Wedding

A classic Julia Roberts movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding sweetly shows what it’s like to be in love with your best friend even though they’re marrying someone else. Romance, forever friendships and hidden love are the themes of this film and once you watch, you’ll see why it’s a classic wedding movie.

Mamma Mia!

A legendary Broadway musical and movie based on the 1970s group ABBA and their discography, Mamma Mia is lighthearted and focuses on the struggles that come with not knowing fully who you are as you enter into a new part of your life; marriage. Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep as mother and daughter really bring their bond to the screen in a beautiful way! It’s a fun, feel-good movie full of musical sing-along songs and gorgeous Greek scenery.

Top 10 Wedding Rom Coms Mamma Mia!

Photo above: Courtesy of Itcher.com 

27 Dresses

How could we not put a Katherine Heigl movie on this list? One of her absolute bests, 27 Dresses follows Katherine’s character Jane who is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Until she meets Kevin (James Marsden) who is writing an article about Jane’s sister getting married. A hilariously sweet rom-com with a standup cast.


For those dealing with difficult in-laws or relatives, you might want to watch this one! Jane Fonda plays Jennifer Lopez’s evil mother in law and throughout the film, she does everything she can to sabotage the wedding and not let her son get married. Hilarity ensues, purposeful allergic reactions happen and there’s quite a bit of spying. Definitely one to add to your movie list!

Top 10 Wedding Rom Coms Monster in Law

Photo above: Courtesy of Popsugar.com

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Focused around a traditional Greek family, their 30 year old daughter (Nia Vardalos) has yet to get married and according to her family, time is running out. When she starts dating a non-Greek man, culture shock kicks in and the family needs to learn to accept him before the wedding. This movie shows us how we can love and connect with anyone and how we shouldn’t judge someone based on their family or history. Marriage truly does unite families and individuals!

The Proposal

Boss lady Sandra Bullock plays a publishing executive who’s about to be deported back home to Canada unless she does something quick to get another visa, and she ends up roping her assistant, Ryan Reynolds, into marrying her. They have to go visit his entire family in rural Alaska for the weekend and pretend to be full-on dating, even though they can’t really stand each other. Of course, all ends well and their relationship takes a positive turn… We won’t spoil anything, just go watch!

Top 10 Wedding Rom Coms The Proposal

Photo above: Courtesy of The Odyssey Online

Made of Honor

Two college BFFs, Patrick Dempsey as Tom and Michelle Monaghan as Hannah, have spent their entire friendship as just that, friends. Until Hannah travels to Scotland, falls in love, gets engaged, and wants Tom to be her maid of honor, even though he’s secretly in love with her. The struggles that come with being a male maid of honor and loving the bride you’re supposed to be planning a wedding for, make for a good movie!

The Hangover

Not a traditional rom-com wedding movie, but one we couldn’t pass up adding to the list. The Hangover is all about bachelor parties gone wrong, Sin City, bonding with your best pals and trying to make it back home in time for the wedding. A classic for the new age and definitely more of a pure comedy than rom-com, but still iconic!

The Hangover movie

Photo above: Courtesy of ThoughtCo.

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