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Best Engagement Rings Under 1000 USD

Best Engagement Rings Under 1000 USD

Best Engagement Rings Under 1000 USD

8 Beautiful Budget Engagement Rings


So, you have decided to pop the question and make that special someone your partner for life. But before you can ask, something more pressing needs to be taken care of — which ring will you use to propose?

Choosing a ring that fits your budget is essential, but as this exciting period only comes once in a lifetime, it’s important to enjoy it — not stress about it. Here are some of our favorite engagement rings under $1000, so you can make your dream proposal a reality on a budget.




Starting at just $650, this solitaire engagement ring features a classic prong setting and a delicate rounded-edge shank. As this price is for setting only, simply select your center stone and size of choice and craft your engagement ring.


Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring: Starting at $650 (setting only)



Inspired by nature and designed with luxury in mind, the Leilani features a scroll-like design in the undercarriage of the prong head, accented with two round-cut Lab-Grown Diamonds. With prices starting at $895 for setting, this is one of our favorite unique engagement rings under $1000.


Leilani Engagement Ring: Starting at $895 (setting only)


A one-in-a-billion love calls for an original style of ring, and the Daci Solitaire is truly one of a kind. The uniquely twisting shank gives the illusion that the round cut center stone is suspended in perfect balance, appearing like a tension-set ring.


Daci Solitaire Engagement Ring: Starting at $683 (setting only)



Subtle and sophisticated, Odessa is inspired by nature. The intricate detailing of the four-prong petal head gives a dainty finish, adding an extraordinary yet understated touch to the traditional solitaire style.


Odessa Engagement Ring: Starting at $695 (setting only)



Make a statement with the stackable Idyllic ring, adorned with Lab-Grown Diamonds just over halfway down the shank. This bold and eye-catching style could be yours from $995.


Idyllic Accented Engagement Ring: Starting at $995 (setting only)




Lose yourself in the beauty of the Eden engagement ring, with never-ending detailing and intricate patterns. The vine-style shank twists and turns as it grows towards the center stone, holding Lab-Grown Diamonds snugly in place of the leaves.


Eden Engagement Ring: Starting at $995 (setting only)



For a ring that offers more than meets the eye, choose the Ariel, with prices for setting starting at $995. This gorgeous design features a hidden halo of 0.06ctw Lab-Grown Diamonds and an eight-prong head to enclose your center stone.


Ariel Hidden Halo Engagement Ring: Starting at $950 (setting only)



This regal ring design looks like a crown for your loved one’s finger, with four 0.25ct each Diamond Hybrids® adorning either side. Prices for this stunning show-stopper start at $995 for the setting.


Christine Accented Engagement Ring: Starting at $995 (setting only)




While Forbes highlights that the two-month salary rule is no longer a rule, people generally want to get the most they can when it comes to engagement rings. It’s an extraordinary moment in your life, so naturally, you want it to be perfect.

These engagement rings under 1000 are the best solution, saving you money for the wedding and honeymoon. Or, start your journey with a Diamond Hybrid® center stone in your ring, and upgrade to Lab-Grown when you can with the MiaDonna upgrade policy.


MiaDonna Team

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