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The Best Style Engagement Rings According to Diamond Shape

The Best Style Engagement Rings According to Diamond Shape

The Best Style Engagement Rings According to Diamond Shape

You know the shape of the center stone you want for your ring but are completely stumped on what ring style to go with. We’ve all been there. When it comes to choosing your engagement ring style, there are so many options it can feel overwhelming. With each diamond shape, there are certain ring styles that enhance the beauty of your center stone! We chatted with Justine, the Sales Manager here at MiaDonna, and she gave us her suggestions- below are our favorite engagement rings according to diamond shape.



round cut diamond engagement ring
round cut diamond

Round Cut


A round brilliant is the choice for you if you want the most sparkle from your center stone. The round is optically brilliant because of its 360-degree symmetrical shape. This endearing classic shape is the most versatile of the shapes as you can’t really go wrong with the setting you choose. To have the sleekest traditional look we suggest a solitaire design. Check out the Tracie or Jamie settings for a ring that will keep your center stone the main attraction.

pear cut diamond engagement ring
pear cut diamond

Pear Cut


Also referred to as the ‘teardrop’, the pear shape has a rounded end on one side and a tapering point on the other. The more elongated your pear shape is, the more slender your fingers will appear. This shape varies in length and width ratios, with the most common ratios varying between 1.45:1 and 1.75:1. We recommend choosing a halo setting, or even a hidden halo! Some popular choices are the Heroine, Cordelia, and Estelle.

cushion cut diamond engagement ring
cushion cut diamond

Cushion Cut


The cushion has a square or rectangular outline with rounded corners. With 58 brilliant facets, the most preferred shape is a 1:1 ratio. The cushion shape is an ‘antique style of cut’, evolved from the "old mine cut" that was developed before the turn of the century. Because of this, we recommend this shape for vintage styles. To have the antique style of your dreams we recommend the Isabella, Kalina, and Tory.

marquise cut diamond engagement ring
marquise cut diamond

Marquise Cut


The marquise is an elongated shape with tapering points at both ends. The most traditional marquise diamonds have length-to-width ratios between 1.75:1 and 2.25:1. This shape will flatter your fingers as it makes them appear longer with the extended shape. We recommend this elegant shape with a vintage or modern style. Try the Karina and Amore for a timeless look.

emerald cut diamond engagement ring
emerald cut diamond

Emerald Cut


The emerald is among the most classic of diamond shapes and is usually cut into a rectangular shape. The length-to-width ratios for the emerald are typically cut so the length of the stone is about 1.5 times the width of the stone. This is the most traditional way to cut a true emerald shape. We recommend solitaire and three-stone styles. Gaze at the Cherish and Carma- the baguette side stones enhance the emerald shape perfectly.

radiant cut diamond engagement ring
radiant cut diamond

Radiant Cut


The radiant shape is distinguishable by its blocked corners and comes in either a square or rectangle shape. The radiant is a beautiful combination of the classic emerald cut but with the faceted sparkle of the round brilliant or princess cut. For this shape, we recommend the three-stone and east-to-west styles. Try out the Celestial and Idyllic for a ring that will surely dazzle.

oval cut diamond engagement ring
oval cut diamond

Oval Cut


Another style to elongate your fingers, this shape is very sparkly with a brilliant-cut. Like the round, you can be very versatile with the oval shape. To get you started we suggest you check out the hidden halos, solitaires, and diamond-accented engagement rings. The Clara and Amira are two gorgeous styles we think are accentuated with the oval.

asscher cut diamond engagement ring
asscher cut diamond

Asscher Cut


A variation of the classic emerald, asscher shapes are square and have distinct cut corners. The pavilion (bottom part of the diamond) defines the uniqueness of this shape. Asscher has a "scissor cut" with all facets cut down toward the culet (flat face on the bottom of a gemstone). Three-stone engagement rings look beautiful with the asscher shape, and we recommend you check out the Chorus or Gwyneth engagement ring.

princess cut diamond engagement ring
princess cut diamond

Princess Cut


The princess is distinguishable by its sharp right-angle corners and combines the cut of the emerald with the triangular facets of the brilliant-cut. The princess is the perfect choice for you if you prefer a square shape but want the brilliance of a round. The princess shape is stunning when set in a diamond-accented or solitaire style- look at the Crimson and Traditional for more inspiration.

trillion cut diamond engagement ring
trillion cut diamond

Trillion Cut


Trillion is a triangular shaped cut developed in the 1970s and comes with curved or straight sides. Trillions are often used as complementary side stones but can be quite dazzling in solitaire modern settings as well. For the trillion, we recommend going with one of our many modern settings. The Accented Two Stone may be the style for you.


Hopefully, you are now moving in the right direction of what style to choose. Browse the different categories on our website, and if you want to know what a certain shape looks like in a specific style, reach out to us! We can dig through our photos so you can see what it would look like. Alternatively, if you live in or near Portland, Oregon come visit us! We have a jewelry lab where you can try out different center stone shapes in various settings making it easier to arrive at a final decision. We can also use the jewelry lab during a virtual appointment if you can’t make it in.


MiaDonna Team

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