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MiaDonna’s Finest Filigree Engagement Rings

MiaDonna’s Finest Filigree Engagement Rings

MiaDonna’s Finest Filigree Engagement Rings

We’re bringing back elegance from the Edwardian era.


There’s something special about vintage engagement rings. Not only are they a subtle nod to a bygone era, but each individual piece has its own unique charm that manifests through elaborate embellishments a far cry from the clean lines of contemporary engagement rings.


Filigree engagement rings epitomize the vintage aesthetic. But what is it that truly distinguishes them from today’s trendy pieces? Their main characteristic is the meticulously crafted metalwork that involves curling and twisting delicate threads to create whimsical, eye-catching patterns.


Some of the most classic styles resemble old-fashioned scrolls or intricate floral designs, and they are commonly integrated into the bridge, shoulders, or gallery of a ring further enhancing the center jewel just like the all-important picture frame holding a masterpiece work of art.


These Art Deco-inspired rings reached peak popularity in the 1930s, but there’s good news if your future bride has an old soul: they are making a modern comeback. An innovative take on timeless designs, every piece in our collection is made from your choice of 14K or 18K White, Yellow, Rose Gold or Platinum, paired with ethically-produced Lab Grown Diamonds that will add just the right sparkle to her life.


So, if you’re looking for something that is the opposite of minimalist, you can’t go wrong with a filigree engagement ring. Step back in time and explore MiaDonna’s most traditional styles.


MiaDonna’s Top Eight Filigree Engagement Rings


A fine example of filigree design, this shiny solitaire engagement ring is characterized by lustrous, floral-shaped metalwork that depicts elegant lilies throughout the band.


Tory Solitaire Engagement Ring: Starting at $795 (setting only)




Be dazzled by this trio of Lab-Grown Diamonds that sparkle from every angle. Just like the front cover of a good book, your eyes will be drawn to the scroll engravings adorning the band.


Sharron Three Stone Ring: Starting at $1,395 (setting only)



This style features a little bit of everything: scintillating diamonds, bold prong settings, and extravagant metal detailing. The center stone is slightly elevated for a dramatic finish.


Alice Accented Three Stone Ring: Starting at $2,250 (setting only)



An exemplar of elegance, this gorgeous filigree engagement ring showcases an intricate ‘beaded’ design on both the band and head of the ring as well as countless glistening gems.


Morrison Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)



Like a treasured antique, this piece is just as heirloom-worthy. It displays beautiful, gold-tone wheat patterns that lead the eye up to a glimmering round cut Lab-Grown diamond.


Chapman Two-Tone Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,050 (setting only)



Give her the deed to your heart with this stunning halo filigree engagement ring, named after one of the historic landowners of Portland city. While the dual-layered diamonds are breathtaking enough on their own, the elegantly twisted design adds even more opulence.


Stark Two-Tone Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,495 (setting only)


If you’re looking for Art Deco filigree engagement rings, you’ll be charmed by this one. Housing an iconic emerald cut center stone, this style features an elevated, filigree-constructed bridge.


Charm Engagement Ring: Starting at $2,295 (setting only)


Discover the Filigree Engagement Ring Collection


If you’re still unsure which filigree design deserves to be part of your upcoming proposal, why not take a look at the entire collection in all its glory? As always, we have exclusively used recycled precious metals and Lab Created Diamonds to form this retro-inspired range, so you can shop guilt-free engagement rings that are 100% responsibly crafted.


MiaDonna Team

MiaDonna is the world’s first retailer exclusively selling Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones, created in 2005 by a mother determined to free families from a lifetime of poverty and mining. We specialize in designer-style fine jewelry that is beautiful, sustainable, and affordable. We are B-Corp certified, environmentally responsible, and donate 10% of profits to support communities negatively impacted by diamond and gold mining. MiaDonna is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and ships to all 50 states plus more than 30 countries internationally.