The Best Ranked Bachelor Engagement Rings of All Time

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There have been 25 seasons of the Bachelor and 16 seasons of the Bachelorette meaning there have been 41 extravagant engagement rings for us to obsess over. The rings often feature a 3.0ct or greater center stone, and each season outdoes the one before with the next most expensive, lavish ring. That massive diamond Ben Higgins proposed with? Worth a reported $95,000!


Imagine if the show had chosen Lab Grown Diamonds over earth-mined? They could’ve gone up in size to a 5.25ct Lab Grown staying at the same price for a 3.0ct earth-mined. Lab Grown Diamonds are optically, chemically, and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds while costing up to 40% less. It’s easier than ever to have one identical to the rings listed below, but at a fraction of the cost! Check out the guide below to see some of our favorite Bachelors and Bachelorettes’ engagement rings, and how you can get the look with one of our stunning styles.


Best of the Bachelor

Sean Lowe


One of the most beloved Bachelors of all time, Sean Lowe didn’t end up with Lindsay Yenter, who wore a wedding dress on their first date. Instead, he proposed to Catherine Giudici with a Neil Lane cushion diamond in a split-shank halo setting. For a similar ring, check out our Adara.

Ben Higgins


After Ben Higgins left “villain” Olivia Caridi behind on a deserted island, he sailed off with Emily. However, he later proposed to Lauren Bushnell with a 4.25ct Neil Lane sparkler. The Kalina in our collection has the same elaborate vintage vibe.

Chris Soules


Chris proposed to Whitney Bischoff and later whisked her away to live a simple life on the farm. The ring features an emerald cut diamond surrounded by 20 round brilliant cut diamonds. For this look, choose our Charlotte Engagement Ring- choose the emerald shape for a truly stunning and unforgettable ring!

Andrew Firestone


Keeping his millionaire status a secret throughout the show, Andrew Firestone proposed to Jen Schefft with a 2.0ct oval diamond platinum halo engagement ring. Choose our Carma Engagement ring with an oval shape center stone to get the same look as Jen’s.

Jason Mesnick


Jason Mesnick initially proposed to Melissa and then changed his mind and proposed to Molly Malaney for one of the most dramatic twists in Bachelor history. He proposed with an oval shape accented halo engagement ring. Make the look yours with our Heroine style- one of our favorites!

Best of the Bachelorette

JoJo Fletcher


Proof that love can be found on the Bachelorette, Jordan Rodgers and Jojo are planning to tie the knot this May 2021 after 5 years together! Jordan proposed with a 5.0ct custom-designed oval diamond ring. A great look alike for JoJo's ring is our Maverick Two Tone Engagement Ring.

Kaitlyn Bristowe


Kaitlyn won the hearts of fans as a runner-up in the Bachelor, so ABC decided to make her a Bachelorette! Shawn Booth proposed with a 3.5ct diamond (reportedly valued at $150,000!) set atop a twisted band. Our twin is the Eternal Monogram.

Hannah Brown


Jed Wyatt, who was unfortunately using the Bachelorette to further his musical career, proposed to Hannah Brown with a 3.0ct oval diamond surrounded by a halo of 89 smaller round diamonds set in a platinum band. Match this style with our Selena Engagement Ring.

Tayshia Adams


After many dramatic season finales, Tayshia cut out the drama with a simple ending without theatrics. Zac Clark proposed to Tayshia with a 3.25ct emerald cut diamond surrounded by a halo of round diamonds. Check-out our Heirloom Ring for a clone.

Jillian Harris


Ed Swiderski proposed to Jillian with a 3.0ct pear shape diamond set in a halo setting. She is with someone new now, and her fiance is proposing for a second time because Jillian accidentally threw away her engagement ring! Replicate the style with our Alder Ring.

What are the rules for the engagement rings on the show?


For those of you new to the details of the show, the rings are usually designed by jeweler Neil Lane. We mentioned some of the prices above, but what we are all really wondering is, who pays for the rings?! After some digging we couldn’t find who handles the massive bill- it’s either ABC paying for another production cost or Neil Lane lets the show pick a ring in exchange for advertising.


So, what happens to the ring if the couple breaks-up?


For starters, the couples from the show sign a contract that states that they must stay together for at least two consecutive years after the airing to keep their bling. If the engagement results in a marriage, the couple gets to keep the ring, and if they don’t make it? They must return the rings. We aren’t entirely sure what happens to the rings that are returned. We know that Neil Lane doesn’t take them- he states, “I make rings hoping that people stay together forever, but after they get the ring, I don’t have a say in it, and what happens after that, I don’t know. Where the ring goes, I have to say, I don’t really know. I just say it goes to ring heaven. That’s my response.” Looks like it’s time for a little field trip to ABC studios to uncover these hidden gems.


Didn’t find your dream ring above?


To get your dream ring exactly the way you want it, you can always custom design it. Maybe there are two bachelor rings you are obsessed with- combine the qualities you love for your own unique style! Our talented Designers are happy to work with you in discovering what it is you want in your custom creation. Reach out to our Personal Shoppers to make the ring you’ve been daydreaming about a reality.