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Top 5 Men's Wedding Band Finishes

Top 5 Men's Wedding Band Finishes

Top 5 Men's Wedding Band Finishes

Traditionally men’s wedding bands are much simpler than a woman’s, with design choices leaning towards classic styles and high polish finishes. However, while a high polish is still a top favorite, we are seeing the trends shift and more men are opting for stylized finishes.



5 top men's wedding band finishes


Not only do we offer a wide selection of men’s wedding bands, we also offer many customization choices from different bandwidths to a variety of finishes to chose from.


High Polish Finish


A high polish finish, also known as a ‘mirror finish’, is the most popular choice for men’s wedding bands. This style of finish is highly reflective and best described as shiny. If done properly, you should be able to see your reflection in the ring.


For those men who like a little flash and are looking to be noticed, this is definitely the finish for you. It’s important to note, because of the shiny finish, a high polish shows scratches more than a stylized finish would.


High Polish Finish Men's Wedding Band

Satin Finish


A satin finish, also known as a matte finish, is the second most popular choice we receive for men’s wedding bands. This style of finish gives the appearance of texture but is smooth to the touch. Unlike a high polish, a satin finish diffuses light rather than reflecting it.


This style of finish is perfect for men who are looking to stylize their ring, but prefer not to stand out too much. It is important to note that similarly to a high polish this style of finish shows scratches, however, no need to worry, it can easily be re-finished should you need it.


Satin Finish Mens Wedding Band

Stone Finish


A stone finish is a great way to stylize a men’s wedding band. This type of finish is more organic featuring a ‘rougher’ texture which gives it a stone like feel. This style of finish is great for guys who lead active lifestyles because it will hide any imperfections or scratches.


Stone Finish Men's Wedding Band

Satin Hammer Finish


A satin hammer finish is a great way to achieve a unique men’s wedding band style. The textured finish is non-shiny and has a ‘dimpled’ or ‘hammered’ look, which may seem obvious considering its name. To create this look, the ring is first hammered and then a satin finish is utilized, giving the finished piece a matte appearance.


This style of finish is also a great choice for guys with an active lifestyle, while the satin finish may show scratches easier the stylized hammered texture will distract the eye from focusing on any blemish the ring might have.


Satin Hammer Finish Men's Wedding Band

Glass Bead Finish


A glass bead finish falls somewhere between brushed and stone. The distinct texture is created by polishing with small glass beads, while similar to a sandblasted finish, the result is smoother and more shiny.


This style of finish is perfect for the guy who wants to stylize his wedding band, but doesn’t want too much style. The smooth yet textured finish is a fantastic compliment to any classic men’s wedding band.


Glass Bead Finish Men's Wedding Band



This is just a sampling of the finishes we offer. No matter which men’s wedding band you choose, we can easily customize the finish to match your personal style.


MiaDonna Team

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