Top 10 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Article by MiaDonna

Unique Engagement Rings for Your Special Someone


Does your partner walk to the beat of their own drum? Stepping away from the norm and selecting something a little different for your fiancé-to-be could be the route to go down. Non-traditional engagement rings are fast rising in popularity — myriad styles can add a unique touch to your proposal.


Here are our top 10 picks for unique non-traditional engagement rings.




Choose the Sangria for an eye-catching design that glints and shines, featuring a hidden halo of Lab-Grown Diamonds. Two baguette-cut Lab-Grown Diamonds accent your chosen center stone, highlighting its beauty.


Sangria Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)




Think outside the box with the Starlight, one of our favorite non-traditional engagement rings with a kite-shaped cluster of Lab-Grown Diamonds. Few rings dare to experiment with shapes like these, resulting in a gorgeously stackable piece.


Starlight Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)



This chunky ring perfectly displays the pear-cut center stone, surrounded by an intricate framing of Lab-Grown Diamonds. Available in both one and two-tone designs, this daring style does not hold back, embodying pure luxury and extravagance.


Alder Two Tone Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,995 (setting only)



If over-the-top unique engagement rings for women don’t do it for you, opt for the Nirvana, an understated work of art. This nature-inspired design has floral features, including delicate petal-shaped Lab-Grown Diamond detailing.


Nirvana Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)



With metal chevron detailing ascending the shank and wrapping halfway around the band, the Papaya Engagement Ring emulates a romantic flower head, just like a rose, with unmatched intricacy.


Papaya Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,150 (setting only)



Make a statement with Flawless, a minimalistic artistic style of ring. It's one of those subtly different modern engagement rings to take her breath away, with a solitaire setting and a semi-bezel set center stone.


Flawless Engagement Ring: Starting at $715 (setting only)



The Daci is a whirlwind with a twisted asymmetrical shank that mesmerizes and inspires. With the appearance of a tension set ring, this design is all about balance and is the perfect choice for a woman seeking a solitaire ring with a twist.


Daci Modern Engagement Ring: Starting at $683 (setting only)



Divinely beautiful with its inspiration in nature, the Matilda is a non-traditional engagement ring she won’t be able to peel her eyes away from. The delicate detailing balances harmonically with the cluster of Lab-Grown Diamonds for a dazzling finish.


Matilda Halo Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)



Elegant in its simplicity, with lovely unique details, the Harper engagement ring is the epitome of stately romance. The smoothly rounded-edge shank holds four marquise-cut side stones in addition to the center stone. These marquise stones look almost as if they're holding up your radiant center stone-- they're perfect accents!


Harper Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)


Dare to be different with the Isadora, an abstract engagement ring like nothing you have seen before. A bezel set pear cut center stone accented on the rounded edge gives a bejeweled teardrop effect.


Isadora Engagement Ring: Starting at $1,295 (setting only)




Embrace the beauty of non-traditional engagement rings for a proposal like no other. If your partner loves to walk in the spotlight, be courageous with your choice so they can shine. Or, if you simply want something a little different for your lover who prefers originality, select a subtle take on a classic design.