Treat Yourself & Your Friends This Galentine’s Day

Article by MiaDonna

Waiting for a proposal to (finally) get the ring of your dreams is a thing of the past. More and more women are deciding to treat themselves to a luxury piece of jewelry, and we love it! A 2020 report found that upwards of 30% of diamond jewelry is purchased by women for themselves. If diamonds really are a girl's best friend, why shouldn’t we buy them ourselves?


It is refreshing to realize that nothing can stop you from gifting yourself a special piece of jewelry. While the motives behind purchasing a diamond ring vary, they are usually used to mark a significant milestone or an important life event. So, whether it's an achievement in your career or just because you feel like it, enjoy indulging and spoiling yourself- you deserve it!


Believing that you must wait to be bought the ring of your dreams is now as archaic as thinking you can’t grow ethical diamonds in a lab! The jewelry industry is transforming as the scales of the patriarchy are being tipped, and more women are choosing to treat themselves and their girlfriends to opulent items.

woman holding 14 carat personal engraved medallion necklace from  MiaDonna

Friendships Are Forever


Relationships can come and go, but a special friendship will last a lifetime. So, why not focus on uplifting the important gal pals in your life? A piece of fine jewelry can signify sisterhood between you and your closest friends, and empower everyone in your group to go after their wildest dreams.

Do you remember going to the mall with your middle school bestie and picking out the coolest necklaces that said “Best Friends” when you put the two pendants together? That simple piece of jewelry gave you the confidence to fearlessly walk down the school halls, knowing you could always count on your friend’s support. Capture that same thrill by selecting matching fashion rings or pendants that you can wear to remind yourself that your best friend always has your back.

woman wearing 14 carat yellow gold ring with emerald cut ruby lab grown gemstone from MiaDonna

Galentine’s Day


The independent woman is on the up, as the single life is becoming an increasingly attractive way of living. But it can get lonely, especially over the holidays like Valentine’s Day. Friendships take a back seat as romantic relationships are prioritized and held in the limelight. That’s why we love this gal-centric celebration that has recently taken off in popularity.


Celebrated on February 13th as a precursor to the better known Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day offers a chance for friends to get together and show their love and appreciation for one another. An uplifting time for single and taken friends alike, G-Day provides a focused time for the often forgotten importance of female friendships.


So, why not spend a well-deserved evening sipping on wine, watching trashy movies, and having a good old catch-up with some of your nearest and dearest. However you enjoy spending your time, this day is all about celebrating the people who are always by our side – our friends.

woman holding 14 carat yellow gold ring with oval emerald lab grown gemstone from MiaDonna

A Best Friend Diamond Ring


What better way to have a happy Galentine’s Day than to indulge your diamond desires with matching rings for you and your bestie? Getting the ring of your dreams with your best friend at your side is the ultimate independence marker!

From delicate and stackable to solitaire styles, find the perfect conflict-free diamond ring to signify your friendship here. The best part about buying for yourself? You can have exactly what you want. No more dropping hints and hoping your partner picks them up; treating yourself means you can also design your dream ring.