Unique Gemstone Cocktail Rings You'll Love

Article by MiaDonna

Cocktail rings are a popular choice for a variety of occasions due to their bold and beautiful nature. Not sure how to choose one that makes a powerful statement about yourself or encapsulates the love you share with your partner? Read on to learn more about our top eight unique gemstone rings and let us help you decide.




The dazzling Flourish Three Stone Engagement Ring is a stunning piece of jewelry that will bring that special sparkle to the hand of your loved one. Just choose a center stone of your choice in a basket style setting and bring it to life with two stunning Pear Cut Lab Grown Diamonds on either side. These three jewels represent the past, present and future.


Flourish Engagement Ring: Starting at $975 (setting only)



The Arya Engagement Ring uses a low-profile design, making it perfect for those with active lifestyles. Featuring an Oval Cut center stone of your choice in a milgrain bezel with a unique North-South halo of Lab Grown Diamonds, the Arya truly is a sensation.


Arya Engagement Ring: Starting at $1150 (setting only)




This unique gemstone engagement ring displays your favorite stone in a teardrop shape. The Cordelia Hidden Halo Engagement Ring is more than meets the eye, as the gemstone lays atop a hidden halo of Lab Grown Diamonds that accentuates its beauty.


Cordelia Engagement Ring: Starting at $940 (setting only)




Showcasing your favorite Emerald Cut center stone surrounded by a cluster of Lab Grown Diamonds, the Juniper Engagement Ring is a luxurious choice. The low-profile style makes it a wonderful option for those with active lifestyles – you can wear it without worry every single day.


Juniper Engagement Ring: Starting at $795 (setting only)



Inspired by the beauty of nature and designed with antique styles in mind, the Grace Vintage Engagement Ring features clean, crisp lines for a classy finish. See your preferred Round Cut center stone set within a unique flower design, accentuated with an array of stunning Lab Grown Diamonds.


Grace Engagement Ring: Starting at $1095 (setting only)



With a daintily petite cushion-shaped halo surrounding the center stone of your choice, the Venetian Stackable Engagement Ring is delicate yet immensely powerful. Lab Grown Diamonds adorn half of the band and the flat sides on this ring make it easy to stack with other wedding bands.


Venetian Stackable Engagement Ring: Starting at $1350 (setting only)



Make your Cushion Cut center stone pop with the Sandra Three Stone Engagement Ring, with two half-moon side stones to frame it. This unique mounting features Lab Grown Diamonds accentuating the basket, adding depth and detailing to the ring’s elegant side profile.


Sandra Engagement Ring: Starting at $895 (setting only)



Adorn the finger of your loved one with the Karina Engagement Ring for a unique style of band that twists around the finger. Choose any size, style, or shape of center stone for a one-of-a-kind ring that is perfect for your proposal. Select the Karina Wedding Band for your big day, for a match made in heaven.


Karina Engagement Ring: Starting at $795 (setting only)




Choose one of our unique gemstone rings for a breathtaking piece of jewelry to bring joy to your partner, love to your relationship or as a personal gift from you to you. From anniversaries and birthdays to engagements and graduations, gemstone cocktail rings make a unique and thoughtful gift.