A Business Built on Ethics

We're making the world a better place, one engagement ring at a time.

The MiaDonna Pledge

We're tired of waiting for international policies to guarantee conflict-free diamonds, so we've taken it upon ourselves to develop our own assurance process and pledge to you.

We are about making things right and pushing for a socially responsible diamond industry by being an advocate for diamond mining communities, global societies, and the earth.

Diamond Mining Communities

Traditional earth-mined diamonds have directly funded wars, wrecked economies and contributed to the killing, maiming and displacing of millions. Many diamond-rich countries are extremely poor and sadly the people are not benefiting from the wealth in their soil.

We are an advocate for these people. It is the consumers who purchase our conflict-free diamonds that are funding positive changes in these diamond mining communities, through our foundation The Greener Diamond.

Global Societies

This is the diamond consumer; both you and us.

We don't answer to shareholders, board members, mining companies or De Beers. We promise to be transparent and do things right by you.

As an independent company, we are free from the diamond monopoly, allowing us to price our diamonds and jewelry in a fair and respectful manner.

We promise to be transparent and do things right by you. In turn, we ask that you pledge to be responsible for what you buy.

The Earth

Each year, over 150 million carats of diamonds are extracted from the earth through mining. To do so, enormous amounts of soil is removed and processed. The earth-mined diamond industry would like consumers to believe that the benefits of formal (regulated) mining far outweigh the environmental impact. However, truth be told, mining is catastrophic to the local environment and its native people.

We are an advocate for the earth by only selling diamonds, gems, and precious metals that are not newly mined. Our stones are either made in a modern-day lab environment or are heirloom diamonds, so we know their origin and not contributing to the detrimental impacts of traditional mining. In this day and age, there is no need to mine for these commodities any longer.

MiaDonna Core Values

The MiaDonna core values are ingrained in our DNA. They guide our attitude, behavior and day-to-day decisions as we work towards a conflict-free diamond industry.

Our Mission & Vision
Our mission is to create the highest quality and most beautiful, eco-friendly fine jewelry available, providing consumers an affordable mined-diamond alternative while helping repair the land and lives damaged by the unethical conflict-diamond industry.

Our vision is to create a Greener Diamond culture by being the world leader in modern day, ethically produced fine jewelry.

Green Practices

We've been working pretty darn hard to bring you the greenest jewelry company ever created. Here's the proof.

Green America

Green America

We have been awarded the Green America Seal of Approval for going above and beyond product and service quality to set the highest standards in environmental sustainability and social justice, to solve rather than create, environmental and social problems.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral Shipments

We offset the CO2 created when shipping our products to your door by investing in reforestation projects. 1,400 trees each year absorb those emissions, so for every shipment we make, we plant one tree on your behalf through our partnership with The Nature Conservancy.


Eco-Friendly Jewelry Cleaner

We have our own unique blend of jewelry cleaner utilizing a non-toxic formula that is both environmentally safe and packaged within a fully recyclable, grade 1 container. This eco-friendly jewelry cleaner is included free of charge with all domestic orders.

Recycled Metals

Recycled Metals

Each and every setting is handcrafted using only the finest recycled solid Gold, 950 Pure Platinum or 950 Pure Palladium from refineries that represent our commitment to the earth. Metals you’ll love for their beauty and be proud to wear for the positive impact they have on our planet.

Water Recycling

Water Recycling

When we create your jewelry, we use a lot of water. However, thanks to a very efficient water filtration system, we’re now able to recycle the water we use in the production of your jewelry, eliminating the need for us to use large amounts of fresh drinking water.

Made In America

Made In America

As an American company, we take immense pride in being able to reinvest in our local economy. All daily operations and manufacturing will stay in the United States to ensure we maintain the highest level of work ethics, standards, and quality.

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