10 Facts About Lab-Created Diamonds

Article by Linley

While people have been experimenting with the technology used to grow diamonds for over a century now, it has only been in the last decade that we have been able to perfect the science of creating gem-quality diamonds in a modern-day lab.

With today's technological advances we are creating diamonds that are free of any conflict and superior in every way to earth-mined diamonds.

Fact #1:

Lab-created diamonds are also known as lab-grown diamonds, man-made diamonds, cultured diamonds and synthetic diamonds.

Fact #2:

Lab-created diamond are not synthetic! Synthetic is defined as a material or chemical created to imitate a natural product. Examples of synthetic diamonds are moissanite or cubic zirconium (CZ) - these products are created to imitate the beauty of diamonds, however, they have no carbon properties. Lab-created diamonds are 100% crystallized carbon, they are real diamonds NOT synthetic.

Fact #3:

There is no difference between an earth-mined or a lab-grown diamond: Both are pure carbon. As our CEO, Anna-Mieke explains, “Ice is still frozen water, whether you get it from a modern-day environment called your “freezer” or off a glacier, they are still chemically, physically and optically identical.”


Every MiaDonna lab-created diamond is type IIa, meaning they are the purest form of diamond available. As such, they are harder and more brilliant than a traditional type Ia diamond. Only 2% of earth-mined diamonds will ever reach this level of perfection.

Fact #5:

Lab-created diamonds are up to 40% less than their natural diamond equivalents.

Fact #6:

Lab-created diamonds are now available up to IF (internally flawless) in clarity, D in color, Excellent in cut, and a whopping 10ct in size!

Fact #7:

Every lab-created diamond from MiaDonna is guaranteed conflict-free, sourced from first world countries where they are treated and cut in a controlled modern-day lab environment.

Fact #8:

Lab-created diamonds are an eco-friendly product. By choosing a grown diamond versus an earth-mined diamond you're reducing the harmful impact mining has on the environment and native communities.

Fact #9:

Lab-created diamonds are graded at the same world-renowned labs that certify earth-mined diamonds and all lab-created diamond certificates will state that the diamond is a ‘Laboratory Grown Diamond’.

Fact #10:

Lab-created diamonds do good! Companies like MiaDonna have chosen to give back by donating proceeds from every purchase to our foundation, The Greener Diamond, where we build agricultural farms in Sierra Leone and Liberia, supporting communities to grow food instead of mining for diamonds.