April's New Birthstone For Diamond Month: Lab Grown Diamonds

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If you are lucky enough to be born in April then you have the diamond as your birthstone, a symbol of clarity and strength. When people ask what to get you for your birthday, just say, “I would really love my birthstone.” Then when they google ‘April birthstone’ they’ll probably be checking their bank account a minute later. Luckily, Lab Grown Diamonds are 40% less expensive than earth-mined diamonds while being chemically, optically, and physically identical. As someone who made the April birthday cut by 2 days, that fact makes me feel less guilty about requesting this gorgeous gem as a gift.


Lab Grown Diamonds form when carbon is subjected to intense force and pressure. Just like their earth-mined counterparts, these gemstones score a 10 on the MOHS scale, making them one of the hardest materials known to man. This physical characteristic has enthralled people for thousands of years. The ability of diamonds to come out stronger and more beautiful speaks to the April-born people.

lab grown diamonds celebrating April's birthstone

So, how did April get assigned the diamond?


From a variety of sources, it is believed that the origin of birthstones date back to biblical times when the breastplate belonging to a priest was decorated with 12 assorted colored gems. Over time, the 12 gems became associated with the zodiac star signs and the months connected to them.


The month of April has two zodiac signs: Aries and Taurus. Aries are seen as generally strong and courageous individuals, while Taurus are known to be committed and reliable. At some point in history, the diamond was assigned to Aries and Taurus, most likely due to the stone’s natural qualities like its incredible strength. Diamonds symbolize courage, strength, romance, grace, love, and commitment – all of which are found in the April-born. This makes the diamond the perfect birthstone for this month!


When stones were assigned to each month it began with the tradition of wearing them as good luck charms. At the start of this, people wore all twelve stones to get the benefits, rotating according to the month of the year. They were hoping for all the luck they could get. Over time, the belief changed. People started to wear the stone associated with their birth month for the entire year, believing it held more magical powers that way. Okay, so I need to wear diamonds all the time - done.

various diamond shapes shown resting on a hand

What’s the history?


Diamonds were first discovered in India, where they were collected from rivers and streams. The tradition at that time was for Hindu warriors to wear diamonds to give them courage and “invincible” protection, before engaging in battle. Their tradition stemmed from the link of diamonds to planet Venus, the planet associated with Taurus.


The word “diamond” actually comes from the Greek word “adamas,” a term meaning unbreakable, invincible, or unconquerable. As legend has it, Cupid fashioned his arrow tips out of diamonds. And Perseus finally brought down Medusa with a weapon made of diamond. From these stories, we can conclude that diamonds are a stone of duality - of love and war. They offer strength and love. Kind of what we hope for in our marriages.


By the 1400s, diamonds were becoming fashionable for Europe’s elite, and the first diamond engagement ring on record was given by Archduke Maximillian to Mary of Burgundy, in 1477. Diamond engagement rings are a long-lasting tradition, and now that we have the option to propose using Lab Grown Diamonds, an ethical one.

a beautiful vintage style diamond halo accented ring

What does the April birthstone symbolize?


An anonymous second-century poet maintained that the birthstone for April warded off sickness, poverty, and even death. The April birthstone was even believed to have healing powers. Over the centuries, the diamond birthstone was thought to be an antidote to poison and provide protection against the plague.


Throughout history, the diamond has symbolized many different traits. The qualities that have stuck are purity, courage, strength, love, and devotion. If the diamond is known to symbolize these beautiful things, it’s a shame the efforts to mine it cause so much conflict, destruction, and pain. By choosing Lab Grown Diamonds instead of earth-mined you get a superior diamond that is conflict-free! Now that’s some real love.


The symbolism of strength is because the diamond’s structure makes it 58 times harder than anything in nature, and it can only be cut with another diamond. There are also two different types of diamonds. The majority of earth-mined diamonds, 97% in fact, are Type la. All of MiaDonna’s Lab Grown Diamonds are of the superior Type IIa quality! Type IIa diamonds are brighter and harder than typical Type 1a diamonds, which means your MiaDonna diamond will be more brilliant and harder than an earth-mined diamond. Because there are fewer impurities, Type IIa diamonds are more sparkly than Type 1a diamonds. Let’s sparkle more!

a large lab grown diamond shown in a display case

Gift ideas for someone born in April


Everyone loves to get diamonds on their birthday, but if you have someone in your life with an April birthday, it’s extra special. Along with their gift, you can tell them the history, significance, and symbolism of their birthstone. Boost their ego by telling them how strong and courageous they are, like their new Lab Grown Diamond! If you are engaged to someone with an April birthday then you have endless opportunities to add sparkle to their fingers, wrists, and neckline. We have many gift options, and if you read our guide on stackable jewelry, you can get creative with it! Some of our favorite gifts for Diamond Month are the Lab Grown Diamond Halo Pendant, the Criss Cross Lab Grown Diamond Band, and the Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

three stone engagement ring featuring diamond month's stone

Happy Diamond Month everyone! Whether you are born in April or not, celebrate with some sparkle! If you want to pretend you were born in April, we won’t tell anyone- we understand. We are all striving to be strong and pure as the diamond symbolizes. So cover your strong badass self in some Lab Grown Diamonds!